Acrush as questionable things I've done

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(Ahahaha yeah, I have writers block)

[ I didn't really put much thought into this but , I hope y'all enjoy it?
Feedback is always appreciated
-Em ]

* Stood on a spinny-chair to reach something

* Got a 3rd degree burn trying to prove to someone that a cooking ring/hub "isn't that hot." When it was on full

* "I will throw a lamp at you"
;(Ended up throwing a torch at them bc it was school and there where no lamps smh)

* had a full conversation that just consisted of "bro" "BrO" "BRO" "broooo" etc.

* Accidentally called some random girl a bitch and was too embarrassed to even speak for the rest of the week.

* (In class): quietly muttering under her breath "miss, I would rather fucking not", turns out everyone heard- was too embarrassed to talk to for the rest of the day.

* Lowkey got set on fire but was too shy to say anything.

Bonus I guess??


* drew on her friends art project
"Stan FFC Acrush!"
With a bunch of hearts and stars around it.

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