Chapter 13: The Four Dungeons and Happiness

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Short Preview:
[Y/N] gets used to living on the island that the rukhs brought her and there, she met Sino and Kuno which had grown from their kitten size as they are mythical cats. One day, she heard voices.. whose voice could it be!

[Y/N] starts panicking which results in her making the leaves rustling. Sino and Kuno decide not to hide their identity anymore as the poor girl can't do it by herself.

"Ahh how bothersome." Sino the white cat spoke first and result getting spears pointing at her as they were shocked that this cat can talk. Kuno spoke secondly, "When we did all this measures so you wouldn't be found end up you just reveal yourself more."

[Y/N] peek out which makes all eyes on her. This of course surprise the poor girl, making her eyes teary. "Oh no you made her cry-" Sino stop and Kuno continue, "What are you going to do?"


I am so scare right now. "It's you!" Judar shouted and point at me. "The girl which I gave the victory to!" The two red hair that seems like the leader of the soldiers look at me.

The long red hair with freckles speaks first, "Excuse me Miss, we came here to conquer the dungeon that is located here by our High Priest." I continue to stare at him.

"You! Tell me were is the dungeon!" The short red hair with broad shoulder shout/ask me with loud commanding voice.

Luckily, the Duo saved my life. "Which dungeon-" "Are you looking for, Prince Kouen and Prince Koumei." Wait Kouen and Koumei? The Ren Kouen and Ren Koumei?

"Hmm?" Kouen raise his eyebrows,  "How many are there here?" Sino replied, "They are currently four however," The wind blows heavily, "We have to get their consent for you to take them."

I began to tune out when Kuno whisper to me, "[Y/N] go back home and ask the Vito to cover the area now." I nod and run back making all surprise with my action.

However I was suddenly floating mid-air, "Don't try to run away Peachy." Judar spoke. Peach? I let out a loud squeak and the puddle of water that was near me starts to surround my left leg and drag me into it.


Where did she go! The puddle of water just drag the girl into it and there is no way a normal human can fit in. The black cat shakily voice out, "N-no.. I am not going into that place again! Sino! You go collect her!" "You're the oldest so you should go instead!" The white cat argued back.

An idea came to me so I said to them, "We will get her back from wherever she is but in exchange you must let us take one dungeon." Both look at me then a smoke appear out of no where.

I feel two pairs of hands on my hand , clutching it like praying, "Really!? Thank you!" A high pitch and low pitch voice say. When the smoke clear away, I saw a boy with black hair and green eyes and a girl with white hair and blue eyes.

"Just what are you two?" Koumei ask in surprise that they turn into human, "We are mythical cats! Now only you," Sino point at me, "You," Kuno point at Koumei, "And the Magi will go in. No one else as if too many people, Posiden will mistake it as you trying to conquer it and will attack you."

I hold my soldiers in place and spoke, "So where is this dungeon entry?" Sino and Kuno ask us to follow them which we follow but Judar was no where in sight.

We walk until there was an open space It was a big space but have layers of level. The walls at the side was white-blue. We went down the stairs from the closest and I see that the stairs was made from stones.

When we reach below the lowest part, there is a pond/lake that held a small island which has a huge tree on it and Judar was there, asleep. Sino turns to me, "Welcome to the four dungeons!" She said, "What do you mean, Miss Sino." Koumei ask. Kuno replied, "She means that this place is where all the four dungeon entry are at."

Interesting.. I see Kuno holding Judar and throw him into the water "This will take you in the dungeon. If a voice ask you who are you her from just say our names." I felt something push me from behind and it seems like Koumei felt it on him too as we are both falling into the water.


I look around and sat like a doll as Posiden dress me up. "Ahh~ [Y/N]-chan, you look so cute in this dress~" She spoke however she pause for a while and look quite surprise.

I tilt my head and ask what happen and she replied, "Three people came in my dungeon but this is surprising, someone knew how to get in here." Then she use her magic to talk to them, "Who are you and what do you want here?"

Koumei replied to her politely, "We are from the Kou Empire and was asked by Sino and Kuno to come in here to get the girl." Posiden look distress, "Aww~ They didn't come instead~ I already got prepare the water they love so much. Anyways come in, the Magi should guide you."
And end the talk.

I shiver with her tone when she said they love  water so much as I knew that if they were to come here, they would have been splashed with water.


It wasn't long before the trio came and get [Y/N] out of the dungeon.
[Y/N] was getting tease by Judar all the way until they escape. When they got back, Sino and Kuno hugged [Y/N] and look at [Y/N] who is wearing a lolita dress.

To thank the trio for helping them,
[Y/N] ask Vito to build more houses with it's roots and Sino and Kuno will go and ask the Dijin if they would like to be conquer.

When Sino and Kuno came back, they start enjoying themselves with the soldiers and moving Judar's hair while [Y/N] smile at this scene at the back,

'Please don't take away the happiness..'

You run away from your own happiness when it is just there

Done! Sorry if it suck ;-; Have a lot of things to do.

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