From the Cocoon

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I've always woken up feeling pretty normal, but today I felt different in a good weird kinda way.  Good coz I felt that I should be happy to be alive, and weird as I found it hard to remember what had happened to me before I had went out cold.
        "Aaaaaahh!" I exclaimed as I felt the mother of all Migraines.
Have I been boxed in the head or something.
   It was now that I took the liberty to observe exactly where I was.
Turns out that I was in the med bay.
This isn't new to me I'm in here a lot being a literal test dummy in a lab where every freakin dude on a lab coat is free to create anything they feel like, no matter how dangerous, or ridiculous they are.
        So is the tale of my toil at Arion systems.
I was so deep in thought that I was totally oblivious to the fact that I hadn't noticed Mike walk in the room.

"Welcome to a whole new world men",he said
     Where the hell am I.
What the heck am I in.

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