chapter 4:shaking soul

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Sir please wake up I hear a knock on my door I hear the maid said in quiet soft and light tone

My room is illuminate with the light of sun coming from the window although it still dark because of the black and white contrast of the room its larger area covered in black paint. I sit up on bed and tried to stand when a sharp pain pass in my body and I fell on ground with a thud again I tried to stand but my knee and ankle stop me from standing I rub my leg to keep warm and less pain but it keep numb because of the injection I take at night. I keep rubbing and punching my fist on my thighs again and again so the body respond I keep my sighs and whimpers by placing hand on my mouth so no one can hear me in pain and see me in vulnerable and after 15 minutes I stand on my feet again. After taking bath I dried my hair put long sleeves dress white shirt, black coat and black jeans and shoes. i went to dining room where all members were waiting for me I sit on chair and start eating.

I went to my office room and start looking for the document.

I was busy in my work when I hear a knock on my door

"Come in" I mumble

Good morning Sir, Zack said in a soft tone

Sir we completed our mission successfully but there is a problem maybe looks nothing but it use against us as a strong proof that is stuffiest to shown us weak in front of our enemy he said in a determine tone

What the hell dammit!! We have nothing to lose I bang my fist on the table forcefully

s-i-r—sir calm down please he said

How can I calm down when you came here to tell me that we are shits and they are superior to us I growl loudly

sir we can handle this they do nothing against us but we need your permission for it because this mission involve a kid he said

What do you mean I raised my brow?

Sir there was a women who you give her money 9 years ago because she needs money that time and you lend her a house and give money so she take care of her son and rise her debt is 15 lac dollor(approximately equal to 1.5 million dollor).

we visit her to payback her debt but she said give her time but recently we know that her husband was top cop and he collects the data about all the crime scenes and about the mafia groups so he have our data also but one of mafia gang kill him and the data was not passed to anyone because no one know where he hide the records

but here had chances that her wife know so that's why we keep her son and she told us where it is? I know you forbid and it is the rule not involve kids but we need him he said

Okay take him do what you want to do I just want the records on my table you understand I said with harsh and cold tone

Okay sir he said and left the office

I start rubbing my temple to calm down myself..... why the dammit kid?

After completing my work I went to my room take shower and sit on my bed and pour some alcohol on the glass and after drinking it I went to the balcony because my body still stiff and my head keep hurting I stand on balcony and start looking the sky full of stars I wish I also have someone in my life so I can feel alive ...I pull out the lighter from my pants and then I place it in front of my cigrate to burn the cigrate and start smoking the smoke also dissolve with the air I wish I found someone that never dissolve with the darkness however the world hold darkness it still shines and kept the beauty. I start staring at the dark covered sky I was thinking when I hear voice in my head I hate that voices

"Kids are bullshit they can'tdo anything except whimpering that's why they look good down in feets of mans like us they can be good slaves"

I quietly lay down on my bed and hide myself in blankets and I quickly shook my head to remove the thoughts and sound and fall asleep

Please stop it it hurts a kid mumble in fear and his body is shaking with fear

It hurts in start but ones you keep having it it become the part of your body like you breathe.

But you are coking me please the kid was crying and tears streaming down on his cheek his shirt was full of blood stains and body full of scars clothes worn out.

I know who that kid he was my past self

The man keep smirking ohboy you rally a baby boy he said while digging knife in the boy hands please don'tI scream loudly and when I open my eyes tears streaming down my face i lookaround i was in my room my body is shaking and sweating badly I hugging my knees..

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