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HELLO AGAIN MY CUTIEPIES!! So I'm sorry to say I deleted the new book I was making because I lost the plot and didn't want to give you guys a crappy story, I apologise😒 BUTTTT I have a new book up, I'll be posting very frequent updates like I did with this book! Hope you guys enjoy☺️.


I suggest you shut the fuck up before I rip out your tongue.' Her eyes widened at my threat, which wasn't a threat, I'd stick to my word if I had to. 'Do you got me?' I pressed my hand further onto her mouth, she nodded in response, good. 'Good girl.'

Take her.

Claim her.

Show her the real you.

Show her what you enjoy doing to women.

No! Go away!

I stared at her for the longest time, my heart was beating loud in my chest. Her small body trapped beneath my large one was awakening the worst in me. As if sensing my predatory instincts, she squirmed beneath me, oh how much I loved that. The squirming, the screaming. I pressed myself harder against her, burying my face in the crook of her neck. I could hear her mumbling into my hand as I traced my lips against her throat. Her scent was driving me crazy. I wanted to fuck her until she blacked out. I tightened my grip on her wrists, moving my face from her neck, down to her chest. How I wanted so much to rip her clothes off and destroy her body.

Do it.

She's never going to come back.

You don't need her. Do it.

I can't.

You can.

I can't!

I let go of her instantly and clutched my head. My breath coming in heavy and fast. She shifted her body beneath me, I still had my weight pressed on her. I couldn't move. I didn't want to move. The voices, they were so loud. But they all disappeared, the voices. The thoughts. All vanished as I heard her voice calling out for me. 'Chase.' She whispered, her small hands placed over my large ones that were still clutching my head. 'Breathe.' Her words were soothing to my needy soul. Her eyes traced over my bandaged hand, she rubbed over it. I was the one who attacked her yet she was the one trying to calm me. I didn't understand it.

Trying to lift myself off her, she wrapped her arm around my head and pulled me against her. I could've moved. But I didn't. My head on her chest, it felt strange, her heart was beating loud and fast, I knew that I'd terrified her. I closed my eyes and inhaled her presence. For a minute, just for a minute, I would allow this. Allow myself the luxury of listening to the sound of her enticing heart beat. To lay here and take in everything that is Bella.

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