Kellan Lutz (Part Two)

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One Shot: You have a nightmare about the night both you and Bella get attacked by James.


You grip on tightly to Emmett's shirt hoping it would bring you back to reality, but it fails.

Emmett who was awake stared down at you after noticing the change in your breathing, it was rapid and filled with anxiety and fear.

Placing his hand on your cheek, he felt your tears trickling making his eyes furrow in worry.

"Y/N, wake up!?" He said softly but you were too deep into your dream.


"Bella" you called out after she exited the taxi.

You followed behind her after she got into the taxi, knowing that something bad would happen.

"Y/N You shouldn't be here, it's dangerous-" Bella said.

"Then why are you here? Do you have any idea how much danger we're in. James could be anywhere right now and you want to visit your damn ballet studio!" You whispered yelled.

"Y/N listen just go back to the hotel-" Bella said as she made her way towards the ballet studio.

"What?!" You exclaimed.

You quickly followed her as she entered the studio.

"Bella, I have a very bad feeling-"

"Bella! Bella! Bella! Where are you?!" You froze at the sound of a third voice.

It sounded scared.

Turning to face Bella you were met with the sight of her sprinting towards the closet.

"Mom-" Bella said making you freeze.

Her mom

Slowly you made made your way towards the closet only to freeze when you noticed Bella's shocked state.

"There you are Bella! What're you doing in here" as soon as she opened the closet, a TV screen came into sight with an image of Bella as a child with her mother.

"I suck mom" a young Bella said.

A loud chuckle filled the empty studio as an image of James standing in front of the mirrors caught our sight.

"That's my favourite part" James grinned.

"I really hit two birds with one stone" we froze at the sound of James's voice echo in the studio.

Holding tightly onto Bella's hand we both stood extremely still.

"Shame isn't it Bella? That your stubborn persona won't just kill you, but your friend too"

"She'll be collateral damage I should say, or maybe a snack" you both shook in fear as he approached the both of you.

"She's not here" Bella realised.

"Sorry, but you really made it too easy" he smirked while drawing closer to us.

"So to make things more entertaining I decided to make a little video of our time together- I borrowed this from your house, hope you don't mind" he smirked.

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