Okay, I'm sorry, I just need to rant about this. Bollywood (and the Indian industry in general) have had questionable roles considering women. They were always either the arm candy or the damsel in distress or barely contributed to the entire plot.

In recent years tho, there have been attempts to break away from the stereotypical view of women and portray them as actual human beings who are smart and independent. From my perspective, some have succeeded, like Queen, Dear Zindagi and Bahubali. (Seriously tho, watch Queen. It's on Netflix too. You'll be pleasantly surprised and also love the fuck out of Rani. In fact, all three of them are on Netflix and you should check em out.)


I don't get how every single Tamil serials has to have the one bitchy girl who just won't listen

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I don't get how every single Tamil serials has to have the one bitchy girl who just won't listen. And its not even limited to the Tamil language, its pretty much the majority of Indian TV entertainment.

And half the time, it's usually the one who's extremely fashionable in a modern sense, wears western clothing, happens to have a backbone, and also works as some executive in a company. (It doesn't have to be all four it's usually one or the other)

I stg it's like you're not allowed to have a mind of your own apart from your family or even your husband

Like I know once you're married you have to compromise but good god Susan, is the daughter-in-law not allowed to have a personality???? SHE'S AN ADULT FOR FUCK'S SAKE

And they usually do the most ridiculous things like try to break up an engagement because they want to get married to that guy like

And what's even worse is that the bitchy girl with a considerable backbone is often subdued or 'brought back to control' by the family or the male. Like I don't know what's worse, the girl who has some legitimate arguments being called the bad guy and essentially made to look like the dumbest person on the planet or the male being the reason why they turn into a good person.

And half of the "good guys" are all symbolized by their traditional clothing, pure looking saris, ect.

Like what a show is usually saying is "this is what you could be like if you don't dress humble and be pure" like fuck off Susan

Also my problem with the female protagonists: THEY ARE SUCH DOORMATS IM NOT EVEN KIDDING

Like there's this huge deal on making the protagonist as pure and womanly as possible and in the process, they make her into the weakest person on the fucking planet. And half the time, the main protagonist is the village girl who is not accustomed to the city life. Speaking of which, can we please for the love of every single God in every culture, stop with this fucking cliché? It's annoying, depowering, and insulting every time the girl washes a fucking laptop and basically destroys it in the process. And yes, this is a scene that has actually happened in a serial.

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