Scary Babysitter

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This prompt was given to me by @rapid34 thank you so much and I hope you enjoy!

Age Play
Harry-Himself (age 23)

Niall and Liam hadn't had a proper date night in a while. Taking care of their four-year-old Louis was always stealing their attention, but they couldn't be happier to have adopted the boy. Surely, after Louis had gone to bed they would enjoy a nice glass of wine and a movie in bed if they weren't too tired, but they hadn't left the house in what seemed like ages.

Today was the couple's sixth anniversary of being married, ten of being together. Niall and Liam knew that they needed a night all to themselves. They had made a reservation at a fancy restaurant that they had been wanting to go to for a while. It was near a beautiful park so they were planning on going there afterwords, then who knows what the night will bring next!

They had a close friend named Harry Styles, who had babysat Louis before, so he was more than happy to do so. Unfortunately, Louis was not familiar with any man named Harry, and quite frankly, he didn't want to be left with him! The boy hadn't remembered any of the previous times Harry had watched them, but he was very young. Louis was not at all excited for tonight, and he was very good at expressing it to his parents.

"Pleeeeeeaaassseee don't go!" Louis begged, sitting on his parents bed as he watched them get all gussied up. Liam sighed.
"Lou, hon, you're going to have so much fun with Harry! He called me to say that he has some very fun things planned!" The brown-haired man tried to make the ordeal sound exciting, but Louis was not buying in to any of it. What if the babysitter was mean to him?

"Nonono!" He exclaimed angrily, bashing his fists on the soft bed in between every protest.
"Louis, please cooperate with us. We'll be home before you know it," Niall said sternly as he adjusted the cuff of his sleeve. The young boy grumbled something Niall and Liam couldn't understand, and then stomped to his room.

There was no way this babysitter known as 'Harry' was going to be as fun as his daddies. He didn't even know what the man looked like! And he wasn't even a baby! Why did he need a babysitter! He was four years old for goodness sakes!

"Lou, come down here please!" He heard his papa call after a while. He shuffled down the stairs and was surprised to see an unknown man at the door. This must be the babysitter, Louis thought to himself as he made his way down the stairs.

It wasn't until he was standing in front of the man did all of Louis' previous anger towards him turn in to pure and utter terror. Harry was really scary looking, and probably was! Harry was very tall, taller than any of his fathers. The parts of his arms that were uncovered by the t-shirt he wore were decorated with scary tattoos. Louis was completely terrified of the man.

Harry smiled at the small boy, which only scared Louis more, but he was trying his best not to show it.
"Hi, Louis. I'm Harry!" He greeted with a warm smile, trying to get the boy to warm up to him as he had heard from Niall and Liam about his previous mini episode.

Louis hid behind Niall's leg with a whimper. Harry had a very deep, British voice. That was scary too! Overall, the man was just a fright that Louis was not prepared to be alone with for only God knows how long.

"Oh so now you're being shy!" Niall said with a chuckle, lifting Louis from his previous spot that was practically on Niall's leg. He set the boy on his hip, only to have the boy whimper and bury his head in the father's neck, Niall just thinking he was having a bit of separation anxiety.

"Okay so, dinner is in the fridge, you just need to heat it up for thirty seconds or so. And he'll let you know when he's hungry. Bedtime is at 7:15. He's allowed one book before sleepy time and he still likes to have a sippy cup of warm milk, which is also in the fridge. If you have any questions or emergencies, you know our numbers. We also have a list of emergency contacts on the counter." Liam rambled on, always being the more caution one of the parents. And, just like any other parent, he was a bit nervous about leaving Louis alone with Harry, though he knew the green-eyed man would take good care of him.

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