Just another Normal Morning

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It was morning madness once again. That was a shock to Carmin. Not! Every morning in the Court's household was madness. She figured that was the problem with living alongside nine other people – the rest of the Royal Court of Lyriumia. Slowly, she rolled out of bed and walked towards her closet. Even as she dressed and braided her long walnut-streaked crimson hair, Carmin could hear everything that was happening. She ran a hand along the bedroom door, painted red and covered with flaming patterns to show the fire zone, her other home. She wondered what her family – her biological family – would make of her. Gods, Carmin thought as she wandered down the hall to the kitchen/living room/ meeting room. She hadn't seen them in years.

Carmin entered the kitchen/living room/meeting room. Automatically, she rolled her eyes at the sight before her. Leo and Jay, two other members of the Court, were battling it out over the last chocolate-covered croissant while their girlfriends, Nikki and Kayla (also Court members), bet over who would win. Sighing, Carmin went straight up to the counter and plucked the croissant off the plate to the delight of the other women who were laughing themselves to tears. Carmin sketched a dramatic bow and left the room, chuckling at what sounded like Leo and Jay plotting their revenge on her.

Outside was always beautiful. Carmin ran her fingers through a small patch of waist-length sunflowers as she waved to Hathor, who was painting the azure stream that weaved its way past the house and through the evergreen forest from the large waterfall further back. A normal day indeed. She looked around, licking the last of the croissant crumbs off her fingers. Where were the other four? They wouldn't be in the city. It was too early. She doubted they would be at the Palace. One of the other four main cities? Carmin shook her head. Not a chance. Nothing had happened to show there was an important meeting nor attack.


Carmin snapped her fingers. The only other places they could be were the workshop or sparring rings.

After a twenty minute walk through the sea of trees, bushes, and flowers, Carmin reached a clearing where she could hear the clanging of a hammer on metal. Sure enough, there was the small stone workshop. She slowly opened the bronze door. As per usual, Zoe stood covered in grease in the centre of a large golden sphere with her hands on her hips, surveying her work. Carmin smirked. Better not distract her from this latest so called "Top Secret Project." Hopefully this time it wouldn't be a massive dragon that set fire to everything it could see. Even Zoe refused to talk about that little incident. Carmin scanned the room. Danny, Colt, and Amneris must be at the sparring rings. If they weren't, well, she'd certainly worry. Bad things always seemed to find herself and the other nine . . .

She dismissed the thought quickly, closed the bronze door, and continued on her path.

Finally, she reached the sparring rings. She sagged in relief against the stone doorway. She was just in time to see Danny outmanoeuvre Colt and disarm him. Why did he have to be such a show off? As if he'd heard her, Danny turned to face her. Crimson eyes met her own. He seemed to say, "Tell that to her." There was Amneris, leaning against the wall, grinning like a maniac as if she'd called the outcome before they started.

Just another normal morning for Lyriumia's Royal Court, Carmin mused. No way it would ever change. 

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