Part 55 - Single malt

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So I had been in isolation for 24 hours, and nothing happened, I was in the clear. Some people started to show the same symptoms as Patrick did so they had to stay in isolation. Doc S had asked a group to go and get medicine, I volunteered as well as Michonne, Tyreese, Daryl and Bob. Bob was another doctor who Daryl had picked up on a run. He was very young, I'd say about twenty six or seven, he looked quite weedy and was so skinny, it looked like a gust of wind could knock him over.

Hershel had given us a map to the place he and Doc S wanted us to go, they had found a veterinary centre not far from the prison. Hershel had given me a list of essentials of what we needed, I had some clue of what to look for but some I needed help with, Bob said he would help with collecting what we needed. Everyone got their stuff together and loaded up the cars. "You'll be safe?" Rick asked as I opened the passenger car door, "Of course I will" I stated, placing my hand on his check as I did, planting a small kiss upon his lips before entering the vehicle. Rick walked down to the fence and opened it for us, Daryl was in the drivers seat. As we drove past, I blew Rick a kiss from the passenger side, he threw his hand up and pretended to catch it which caused me to giggle.  The ride was silent, we had been driving for a while, I had been going over the list Hershel had given to to make sure I k dw what I was looking for. All of a sudden, Daryl pulled the car over, "Fuck!... We ran outta gas... I didn't think she'd last that long... we'll have to find another car or we're walking the rest of the way" Daryl stated, already exiting the car as he did so.

We had been walking for what seemed hours now, according to the map, we were pretty close. There was a low him, which seemed to increase in volume and we walked closer, what was that? "What is that?" Tyreese questioned walking up ahead, I ran to catch up with him. The sound grew even louder as we approached the corner of the road, as we turned, my eyes nearly popped out of my head. There were over one hundred walkers, a massive herd just... wondering. Before we knew it there we walkers upon walkers heading our way. "Run!" I yelled, turning back the way we came, bumping into Daryl as I did. We began to run in to the woods trying g to escape the tidal wave of walkers that would swallow us whole of if they got the chance. After a while, my lungs began to burn, I didn't care, I just needed to get away, we all did.

We ran through the woods, branches and leaves passing me in a blur of brown and green. My arms began to get cut up from the branches I had past, but I didn't care. "This way!" Daryl yelped, causing us to change direction through the dense forest. The sound of walkers was ceasing, I started to slow down and my legs couldn't take much more running. There was an opening ahead which we all grouped back together at, this was the opening we were looking for "Bingo" I said, taking deep breaths, staring out at the veterinary centre we had been after.


"C'mon... let's go inside before they the walkers find out were here" I declared, walking ahead of everyone else, to the front door of the centre. I peered my head around and looked through the glass door, the corridor was filled with walkers. Bob peered over as I shot back to my previous place behind the wall, I yanked him back before he could attack any walkers. "Hey!" he yelped, staring me down when I let go of him. "The corridor is full of walkers... you standing in front of the door is gonna attract them" I responded sternly yet calmly, my eye contact never leaving his eyes.

"We're gonna have to take the upstairs window" Daryl expressed, already half way up the drainpipe leading up to the roof of the porch which was situated under one of the windows. Daryl offered me a hand up which I took to get me onto the roof. Michonne peered into the broken window and nodded, she climbed in and we followed. "Which way?" Daryl asked keeping his voice down not to alert walkers. My eyes wondered around to find a sign saying 'PHARMACY' "There..." I pointed to the sign. and began walking towards it.

We started frantically scanning the shelves for the medication Hershel wanted us to get, we couldn't stay here too long. "Anything ending with -cillin or -cin, C-I-N, grab it... He'll dissolve the pills in the IVs, put 'em right into the bloodstream... Dosage will be tricky but considering the time we lost" Bob quickly ordered, I found some medicine that he had described and stuffed it onto my backpack. "How'd you do?" Michonne asked Daryl and I whilst still stuffing medicine bottles in into the her bag. "Bags, tubes, clamps, connectors..." Daryl listed, going through his bag, I noticed that Bob hadn't really put much into his bag, which puzzled me slightly. "Everything on the list...we got it all" I declared, reading the list over.

We left the pharmacy, climbed out of the window and jumped down to the platform again. Daryl jumped down first and helped Michonne and I out of the window. Bob was last and fell as he landed, he lost his footing and nearly dropped his bag of meds, he went to pull the bag up but there were a couple of walkers below one of them had a hold of it. "Bob just let it go, c'mon let's go" I mumbled, waiting for him to get up "No I can't!" He yelped as he yanked it from the walkers hand and hugged it tight, I didn't hear any clinking of med bottle in there, it was practically empty. "Whats in there" I asked walking and and snatching it from him "Hey! That's mine!" He went to grab the bag back but Daryl held him back. I opened the bag to see one bottle, a bottle of scotch.

"Are you fucking serious!" I screamed as I dropped his bag on the floor which caused him to flinch in case the bottle had smashed, but I didn't care, he was an asshole. I lunged towards him and pinned him up against the wall by the window we had just climbed out of, which had a walker hanging out of it, chomping its teeth and swinging its arms towards us. "The only thing you grabbed was alcohol!..." I yelped, "I- I- I can explain!" he whimpered, beginning to sob a little as he broke eye contact with me. "Those people are dying... we could have filled you're bag up with more medicine... but I'll tell you what... if we don't have enough... and someone dies... I'm holding... you responsible..." I stated, pausing as my throat began to itch causing me to cough a little, my lungs began to burn, I pushed him into the wall, stood back and searched for the bag, and calmly walked over to it And retrieve the bottle of scotch from the folds of the back pack. I stared at the bottle for a moment and lifted it to throw it from the roof "NO!" Bob bellowed, screaming at me which caused me to turn, Bob had a gun pointed at me. "Pfft... you're... gonna shoot me? for scotch?" I said between coughs... why was I coughing so much? a hot flush suddenly came over me like a tsunami of heat, I began to sweat a little. I shook off the feeling and tree the bottle as hard as I could, waiting for it to smash. My coughing began to get worse, I bent over and coughed, my throat was beginning to feel like it had been through a cheese grater, sweat was beginning to drip off me. "Karmas a bitch ain't it asshole!" Bob laughed, I turned to look at him, what did he mean karma? "Jess... are you alright? Daryl asked, concern filled his eyes as he approached me closer."I'm fine... I think I may have breathed something in from the chemicals or something... I don't know" I lifted my hand up to stop Daryl from coming any closer... fuck... I knew what had happened to me... I think everyone else had figured it out, but why had it taken so long for me to become infected? I began to cough so much that I though I was going to pass out, the pressure on my head from the coughing was unbearable. Daryl put his cloth over his mouth and scooped me up in him arms, I covered my mouth and he did and tried not to cough in his face. My eyelids began to get very heavy as I slipped into a heavy unconscious sleep.

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