The Letter Through The Door

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The weather is stormy and the thunder is scaring the children we try to  carm them down eventually the thunder stops and the children carm down.

The Next Day

Morning wake up everyone 

Jessica gets the mail and walks into the kitchen to prepare breakfast for the children as she looks through the mail she finds a letter for john her son she calls john. John walks down and goes into the kitchen yes mum there's a letter that has Bean sent for you really yes here you go thanks he grabs the letter and runs into the living room he opens the letter and reads what it says 

Dear John 

We have been looking for a child that would enter are new competition to win an amazing prize for more information send a letter to this address and information about you the usuall things like age and full name thanks for taking your time and please write back

signed: M.F.J

John ran in the kitchen and told his mum to look at the letter she read the letter and asked if he knew what mfg stands for i don't know but can i enter of course ill go to the post office to get you a envelope to write back after breakfast thanks mum he hugs his mum and puts the letter in the kitchen cupboard and sat down to eat breakfast here you go she gave him a bowl of flakes and a glass of orange juice thanks mum and he eat his cereal and drank his juice finished mum his mum grabbed his bowl and glass and put them in the sink right go and get your coat and your shoes on so we can go to the post  office OK they all ran upstairs to get there coats and shoes.

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