Chapter 2!!

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Chapter 2!!!!!

I sighed when a man in black came out and started walking towards me. I sighed again and walk to the back of the van opening the door ignoring surprised looks by the men. I climbed in and sat down. They were still gawking at me and this pissed me off.

"What? Never seen a person cooperate or never seen a girl? That means close your mouths before you ruin the van!" I yelled at them.

"Actually we've seen plenty of girls.. Just none as pretty as you babe," one said.

"Alright. You the one who talked, your names Billy. Dirty blonde, your Matt, Snake Bite, your Snake Bite, and......." I looked at the last person in shock.

"Kate! OMG! Kate what are you doing here?" I screamed at my old best friend Kate.

Before we moved here a while back I was liked by this one girl Kate. We were best friends up until the time I moved. I haven't heard from her n years!

"Ayla! I can't believe it! Hu what's happened. Hows Mary and John? And Eliza!" She yelled back.

Mary and John were my parents.

"Kate. Eliza died in a car crash of this bridge. My father just killed my mother today and he left after nearly killing me. We fell apart," I said sadly.

"Oh, I'm so sorry Ayla! That explains the cut on your leg, arm , and cheek."

The boys looked at us in confusion.

"OMG! I totally forgot to introduce you to my friends. The one you call Billy is Josh. Matt you actually got right, he's Matt! Snake Bite is Alex. And thats it."

"Hey guys. I thought you were kidnappers. Life's actually started to love me again! Woo hoo!" I screamed.

"Actually we are kidnappers and I guess we can't hurt you but you can't leave either," Josh said.

"Where else am I to go to?"

"Good point," he said.

Life got way better now.

Me and Kate talked forever and just about broke into tears about everything I told her. The boys..... they were boys. After I finished with Eliza's story I heard a sniffle coming from around the boys. Actually several sniffles. I looked at the guys and they all had tears streaming down their faces.

"Are you guys crying?!" me and Kate asked in unison.

We broke into laughter. We grabbed our sides and felt like I was going to burst. Then I heard a scream. I felt the van flip in the air and me and Kate went flying since we weren't in stupid seat belts. Boom! The car exploded throwing everyone off the very long bridge and into the water. The same water my sister died in.

"Eliza! Save me and my friends!" I screamed helplessly. I hoped she would hear me and do something to help me.

Fuck me. Yup again life hates me and I offcialy hate it more!!!!!! If life or god or whoever the fuck is doing this Fuck you!

"Fuck you life!" I screamed right before I hit the water. I tried swimming up but my foot got caught in something. It was a car. My sisters friends parents car. They jumped out before it hit water but Eliza couldn't. I saw a skeleton remembering that they never even looked for her. I grabbed her skeleton releasing my foot and a box fell out of her hands. It was completely sealed and I grabbed it before it floated away. I swam to shore with my sisters skeleton and the sealed box.

I gasped for air when I got to the land a little ways out. I realized everyone was her and the most hurt was me and Kate. But we only had scrapes and the guys only had bruises.

Kate screamed.

"What the fuck!" I yelled.

"Who's body is that?!" she yelled.

"Holy shit!" yelled Matt.

"Oh cool man!" yelled Alex(Snake Bite)

"It's Eliza. They never looked for her and I found her and couldn't let her stay there anymore."

I remembered the box and set her body down carefully. I opened the box to see it was like it was brand new. It was wrapped and sealed really tight. I looked in it and there was a note.

Dear Ayla,

Happy birthday! I go you this and I hope you like it. I love you so much. Your the best sister I could ask for. I love yo and that's why I go you this. If I know you you'll be staring at this. Sorry I'm not there for your birthday but dad's making me go on this trip. So go on! Look at what I got you.

Love your loving and bestest sister ever,


I looked in the box to see a gold heat locket. I took it out and put it around my neck. I opened it up to see a picture of us together sticking our tongues out at each other. I laughed at the picture and closed the locket. I put the note safely in my pocket and wiped away the tears. I looked up and ran to Kate.

"Eliza died a day before my birthday. She go me this locket and I never got till today."

"Honey I''m so sorry," she told me.

I cried into her for awhile. Well life hates me, my parents hate me, and usually people hate me. But at least Eliza loves me. Kate loves me. And the guys love me. For the first time in a while i actually feel loved. Not hated. I could get used to this feeling of love.

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