Unexpected Twist

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This is to my AWESOME and DEVOTED readers! You guys are the best! I went on here today and saw that I have 100 readers for Chapter One!!!!! WOOOOHOOOOO *little victory* Thank you all for all of the support in writing this book. I know you are al totally emersed in this story so I have this for you but it's only a tidbit. This will be (most likely) the longest chapter (read the title...DUH) and I will need a lot of time to write it but since I have so many awesome readers I will update as I go so that you can see what I have written! :) - Percabeth Shipper

It was a mad scramble. Gaea had one last shove to throw at us. Her final army, at least that’s what we hoped for. I detected it at 6:00 in the morning. I had only been awake thanks to the miracle that is morning sickness. Emphasis on morning. Anyway after I hurled up all that I had eaten in the last 72 hours I was aimlessly wandering through camp since I couldn’t fall back asleep.

“Annabeth?” Chiron trotted toward me near the lava rockwall. He had a frown plastered on his face. He looked like he was deep in thought.

“What’s wrong Chiron?”

“You should come and see yourself Miss Ch- Mrs. Jackson.” I smiled when he remembered my new last name. I followed Chiron to the Big House and walked into his office. My least favorite camp director was standing over fountain with mist. He appeared to be watching something because his eyes kept darting through the mist.

“Beth wait up!” I turned around to see Percy running towards me. His face was red from running from our little cottage I-we built. He always insisted that he actually made progress when we were building it. (Not true)

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