28. Not Easy

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Chapter 28—Not Easy


Fuck. I was in heaven.

Hycinth's almost completely naked body, soft and willing, cradled in my arms.

She wasn't resisting the bond and she wasn't resisting me. We'd gone from 0 to 100 tonight—from our first kiss, to my tongue inside her sweet sex, to her lips wrapped around my cock. I slowly traced the crescent scar on her neck—my mark—with my tongue. My Wolf strutted about in pride and adoration of our female.

Hycinth arched her back, keening into me, rubbing her delectable tits against the hard expanse of my chest. I repositioned my hands around her upper rib cage, my thumbs pressing and stroking the sides of her breasts as I lifted her body, my mouth latching on to one dusky nipple. She inhaled sharply.

I was merciless, licking and sucking one hardened nub before biting and flicking the other with my tongue, only to do it all over again. Going back and forth, relentlessly laving each breast with the broad side of my tongue, giving them the attention they deserved. Hycinth writhed and panted in my unmovable grip, head thrown back, eyes pinched shut.

She tried to grind her lower body against me, but I held her in the air, not allowing the contact. Almost constant mewls of pleasure and frustration released from her lips. I bit down on her nipple and spoke against her flesh, "Do you like that, little mouse?"

A growl came from her throat. Her head snapped up, lake blue eyes glaring and pleading with me at the same time, so needy for what I could give her. I couldn't hold back any longer, lowering her onto my lap, giving her the friction she was desperate for. I claimed her mouth for my own.

She reacted like I'd set her on fire. Her claws came out, embedded in both sides of my neck as she savagely licked into my mouth and rocked her body hard against mine, rubbing and stroking her soaking wet panties along my again excruciatingly stiff cock.



I needed her naked, no barriers between us, and whispered against her lips, "Take these off."

The change in her emotion radiated through the bond. Anxiety rolled through her. She hesitated and pulled back, her pupils widening as if just realizing what she was doing.

"Shh..." I soothed, "I'm just going to touch you. Nothing more. Your first time is definitely not going to be in a moving vehicle." I had no intention of taking her here. As fantastic as this evening had been, and still was, I understood she wasn't ready. Not yet. I wanted her first time to be mind-blowing.

And If I were being honest, I'd also admit I was scared. She was going to willingly let me inside her body. But she'd made it clear, her heart was off-limits. I wanted to give her everything I had, no holding back. I wanted her to understand through not just my words, but also my touch, how very much she meant to me. I just wasn't sure it would be enough. I wasn't sure I would be enough to keep her. My heart clenched at the thought.

I pushed the painful thoughts out of my head. I couldn't focus on the negative.

The tension released from Hycinth's body. She melted back into me. Sliding my hand between her legs, I cupped her sex. Fuck, she felt good. So soft. So wet. She ground her luscious core into my palm.

"Panties. Off." I reminded her huskily.

She trembled and pulled away just enough so she could slide her panties down her legs before climbing back onto my lap. The scent of her sweet arousal was thick, even more so with the loss of the last barrier of her underwear. It permeated the air around us, almost suffocating, drowning my senses and fucking with my head. But I didn't care. I wanted to be smothered in it, inside and out. I inhaled deeply, sucking as much as I could into my lungs.

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