I'm Here

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I'm Here

I got this friend who's been feeling down a little bit.

But she's a warrior with real grit.

So I know she will be ok.

Even if she did have a crappy day.

It won't keep her down.

She will rebound.

Because she has real spirit and heart.

She's funny and smart.

She's reliable and brave.

She's a warrior and my sanity she did save.

So smile dear friend.

Because to my friendship there is no end.

I'll stand by you thru thick and thin.

I'll make you laugh with my silly grin.

Don't let life make you sad.

You're a warrior get mad.

Kick some but and take names.

I promise to try and do the same.

I will have your back and not tell you lies.

Because you're my friend and I believe in you GoldyEyes.

I'm here if you need to talk.

You don't have to do a solo walk.

You deserve all the best.

Now put this crappy day behind you and get some rest.

much respect


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