The building was right on the outskirts of town, so if she had escaped, she wouldn't have been found. I had an ear piece in my ear giving orders out. "Adam, take out the 4 by the door. Fernando take out the one on the phone."

I waited until I heard bodies fall for me to get out of the car. Adam and the rest of my men followed me up to the door. I kicked the door down, and shot whoever was in sight. There were girls hooked to chains with men beating them and then just taking it. I shot every man who had a badly beaten woman in their possession. "What's all the commotion here?" The person we'd spent 3 months looking for was here in plain sight. "Well well well if it isn't Greyson Vincenzo. What a pleasure to see you." He gave a sinister smile.

I sheathed my gun, and stood my ground. "Where's. Alaina." He just smirked. "Well you just interrupted me having fun with her." All I saw was red when I charged at him. I knocked him to the ground, and punched him with all I had. Just knowing he touched what was mine sent me over the edge. Once he was knocked unconscious, I stood, and looked at my men. "He's not dying here. Get him in the trunk." 2 men picked him up and carried him out. I walked around the building, trying to find out where Alaina was. She was close. I could feel it. My heart beat faster with every step I took. I opened a door that led to a basement. I heard chains rattling and I immediately ran down the stairs.

There were dozens of girls chained to walls, but only one caught my eye. Alaina. She laid there, badly beaten. I ran over to her, and gently cupped her face. She looked like she was barely breathing. "Cara mia..." She opened her eyes slowly, her once bright eyes, dull and lifeless.

"Greyson...." I held her close, not caring that I was getting blood on me. I looked around for a key to unlock the chains. I looked on the wall, and noticed a single silver key. I let go of her and went to retrieve the key.

I knelt down, and unlocked her chains. I stood her up, supporting her weight. "Greyson.. you have to help them." My only intention was to get Alaina to safety but I also thought about these other girls and what they had gone through. "Let me take care of you first and then them." I helped her up the stairs. Her clothes were tattered and messed up. Once up the stairs, I handed Adam the key. "There's a dozen more girls downstairs. Call Cedric and get him over here. We need these girls out of here." He nodded, and I walked Alaina out to the car. She hissed when trying to sit down. My heart clenched at the sight of her. How could I not have protected her better. I got in the car, and just sat there. "I'm so sorry Alaina... I shouldn't have left.." I felt her hand touch my cheek. "They would have gotten me anyway whether you were there or not." A tear fell out of my eye. Alaina wiped it away, and stroked my cheek. " I missed you so much Greyson Kennmore. Take me home." I took her hand in mine, and kissed it. "As you wish my love." I then started the car, and headed towards our home. The whole ride home, I was afraid to let go of her hand, thinking that if I let go, she's going to be taken from me again.

We pulled up to the house, and I couldn't help but wonder, how they got her out of the house without anyone hearing. "Greyson.." I looked over at Alaina, and she had a small smile on her face. "I love you." Her eyes started closing. "Alaina, Alaina keep your eyes open." Her eyes were still closed. I opened the door and got out, running to her side. I opened her door and pulled her out. I ran her in the house. "HELP!! SOMEONE HELP!!!" Luckily we had an in-house doctor living with us. "What is it Greyson?" I laid Alaina on the counter. Dr. Tanner listened to her pulse. "To what extent are her injuries?" I ran my fingers through my hair. "A lot of bruising and she was bleeding profusely." He nodded and touched her side. 6 fractured ribs, a fractured jaw, 2 dislocated fingers. I need to take a few X-rays. Bring her to my office." I picked her up gently, and followed him to his office. "She's going to need a blood transfusion and I need to see if there's any internal bleeding." I nodded and laid her on the table. "I'm gonna need access, which means removal of clothes. Do you trust me?" Did I? I couldn't trust any man to look after my fiance but this is a life or death situation, so I just nodded.

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