Chapter 17: Executioners

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It was obvious the underground storage room hadn't been used in quite awhile. No lights were on and there was no one and nothing down there waiting for them. A fine layer of dust had settled over most the crates and shelves in the warehouse sized room.

"Spread out!" someone called. "Secure the area and the points of ingress."

Greg, Kyra, and Campbell moved deeper into the warehouse, playing their flashlights across the industrial gloom. He was thankful to see nothing moving. They pressed further, listening to the sounds of the others as they secured the area.

Williams was somewhere nearby, presumably. Greg could taste his death already. That man had caused more problems for him than anyone else. Well, except for Erebus, he supposed, feeling his metal arm. But Erebus would get what was coming to it, just a little bit later. He would personally make sure of that.

For now? He had a bullet with Williams's name on it.

They secured the area, finding nothing down there with them in the warehouse. By the time they'd finished up and located a pair of stairwells set into the wall on either side of a cargo lift, Mike and a fresh squad of security personnel had arrived with the bomb. A few moments later, more men, miners and technicians, came in behind them.

"We'll use this for a makeshift staging area for now," Mike said. "Get some lights on. I want this area properly secured."

There were a string of replies. Mike spotted Greg and approached him.

"Greg, Kyra, and Linda, I'm giving you three the task of hunting down the piece. Get in, grab it, and get out. Campbell, you're with me. There's two likely areas where Dark Ops will have set up their headquarters. One of them is the best place to put the bomb, and that's where we're going. I'm going to send another squad over to the secondary area. Questions?" he asked.

There were none.

"Then let's get to it."

* * *

Aboveground, the fighting had gotten worse than ever. The halls ran red and black with blood and the Augmented appeared to be in the process of establishing their own base within the Dark Ops HQ. Already, Greg could hear the machine sounds of ordinary men and women being transformed into Augmented.

Greg emerged into a mess hall with a great deal of backup. At first, it was very simple. He and the dozen and a half others opened fire on everything that moved. A minute later, when the gunfire fell silent and was replaced by the sound of many people reloading, there was nothing in that room but the survivors.

"Move out!" Mike called.

Since Linda had had time to study the map and was the most familiar with the area, she led the way, Greg and Kyra backing her up. The trio left the mess hall, opting to use a smaller corridor tucked away behind the kitchen area that would begin them on their trip. Linda explained in a low voice that the final component they were looking for was in a storage area on the far, right side of the Dark Ops compound.

They came to the end of the corridor and opened the door. Immediately the sounds of battle spilled in. Greg stepped out into the hallway. There was at least nothing waiting for them within the immediate vicinity.

The trio set out, making their way through the network of bloodied, flickering corridors that Dark Ops HQ had become. They listened to the screams of dying men, the unholy roars of the Undead, and the merciless machine whirl and whine of the Augmented. For the most part, they seemed to be keeping to themselves, for which Greg was grateful. They managed to stick to the back corridors and shadows until they reached their destination.

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