Raph x Dancer Reader

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this is my first i was trying to figur out how to work with this Hot Head

here are some key terms before we start

(F/S) = favorite song

(F/F) = favorite flowers

(F/C) = favorite color

(E/C) = eye color

(H/C) = hair color


(Y/n)'s P.O.V

i was in my dance studio thats connected to my house/Apartment dancing to (F/S) in my (F/C) toto when there was a knock on my bolcony windo "Babe its me!"  rang the strong brookklend acsent of my boy friend Raph "who's me?" i asked being a wise ass "cut it out (Y/N) its cold out." he said as i waled to the door "~Baby its cold out side!~" i sang "(Y/N)!" he wined as i oped the door and there he was staring into my (E/C) eyes with his emrald green ones holding out (F/C) (F/F) "um.. i was wondering if we could go out on a date tonight maybe go to Muroukos for noodls (is that how you spell it?) and then roof top jumping?" he asked "umm.. let me think... ... YES!" i screemed "ok then go get chained!" he said as he went to my liveing room and i ran in my room. after what felt like forever i got the purfect outfit a (F/C) crop top, a black lether jaket, riped blue jeans, a (F/C) and red braceket with the yin yang simbal, and (F/C) Vans. i ran to the living room "well?" i asked as he turend around "sexy as always!" he said "Raph." i wined as a light shade of red floded my cheakes

Raph's P.O.V

we walked out of her place and up to the roof tops and walked to Maroukos and ordered some food and had a good time talking and eating then we went roof top jumping "hey Raph?" (Y/n) asked as we stoped at a roof top were we meat 2 years ago "yeah (Y/N) i asked "i love you." she said kissing me i kissed back amediatly after about 5 minnets we broke apart panting "i love you to" i said running my hand trouh her (H/C) hair


sorry for not updaiting in a bitt but i have been so bizy with Hockey and My band i started along with my brothers trying to hooke me up with their friends since Jamie broke up with me T-T he cheated on me with my best friend Danyel so im a little bit dapprest but that wont stop me from wrighting!

By Love's ~ Marcy

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