Chapter 7

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Carly Rae Jepsen and Tom Hanks, weird combo, but it works:-) 

Kyle's pov

It takes me a few seconds after opening my eyes to remember where I am, but the moment I do the events of the last 24 hours come flooding back. I can tell it's early in the morning, but I feel well rested so instead of going back to sleep I take some time to think about my new situation. Do I want a mate? I honestly don't know. I mean, the guy is hot and he seems nice enough. But being bonded to one person forever? Forever is a really long time.  And the longest relationship I've had lasted 24 hours, 22 of which were spent in bed. Is it even possible for me to love someone forever? Dedicating my self to them, loving them, being loyal to them, being monogamous? Shit, I need to get out of bed and start moving before I freak my self out completely. 

I get out of bed and head to the bathroom. After taking care of my business and washing my hands I find a new toothbrush under the sink and brush my teeth, after washing my face I feel ready to start a new day. In a freakin pack house, surrounded by wolves. Man, I wonder if Leila is up yet? I could use some of her snarky comments right about now, that should help me keep cool. "Leila? You up?" I try her through our mind link, hoping she really is up, cause she will not be a happy camper if I wake her up. She can be a real "C U Next Tuesday" in the morning, if you catch my drift? 

"Hey, Kyliewylie, yep, I'm up", is the overly chipper reply I get from her, and that cannot be good. 

"What are you up to? Please tell me you aren't getting yourself into trouble". 

"OH, COME ON! I'm in a packhouse for Goddess sake, I have to do some snooping". 

"No, actually you don't, you could just be smart for once, and stay out of trouble. I'm sure these wolves are not happy about having us here, just try to behave", I try to reason with her. 

"Stop worrying, I won't do anything bad, I can be nice if I need to be you know. Come downstairs and join me". Sure, she can be nice, but will she be? 

"Fine, whatever, your an adult, you can take care of your self. I'll join you as soon as I can". 

"Great, see ya!" with that she closes the link, so I guess she's done talking to me for now.

As I walk out of my room I can hear movement in Alp...Ande... I'm not really sure what to call him, both his title and his name seems weird, so I guess I'm going with hottie in my head for now. Yeah, I hear movement from hotties room, and at just about the same time as me he steps out.  

"Good morning hot...", come on Kyle, not to his face, "..Alpha". 

"Call me Anders, Kyle," he says with a smile", we are mates after all". 

"Ok, Anders," I can't help but blush remembering what happened yesterday. I have to admit it is a good confidence builder to know just the sight of me bending over can make the man jizz in his pants, but it's also awkward as fuck. And at the sight of my red face he must have guessed what I was thinking cause he turned a deep shade of red too. So here we are staring at each other in the hallway blushing like to crazy people. Well, this isn't uncomfortable at all...

He rubs his neck and clears his throat, "soooo, you hungry?"

"I could eat," I try to keep it light, so I give him a smile. 

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