Swatting Flies

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Missing Mate with Y/N
Stage 2
JiMIn hyUnG I doNT thINk tHis iS woRkINg

Your first reaction to that oh-so-sexy statement is the same reaction that anyone in your place would have; you push him off the couch.
"Ow!" Jungkook coughs out as he lands on his sore shoulder, clutching said area and peering up at you. "What-"
"I will give you 7.2 seconds to run, Jungkook," you deadpan. "Then, I'm going to spank the ever loving crap out of you for saying something like that to me."
"But I didn't-"
"Six," you say. "Five-and-a-half. Five..."
He runs.
Taking off, long legs propelling him over the couch in one elegant, deer-like leap, Jungkook makes for the back of the house.
He may be fast, but he's not fast enough to overcome the adrenaline of anger rushing through you right now. You grab the closest thing that can be used as a weapon: your neon pink fly swatter that's sitting on the counter.
Racing after the tall male that's now rounding around the back of the kitchen, you make the perfect lunge at him with the fly swatter, stabbing him in the small of his back.
"N-noOna, ouch," Jungkook squeaks when the cold plastic meets his skin. You don't even care.
No mercy.
"You. Can't. Say. Things. Like. That. To. Women!"
With every harsh, unrelenting word, you deliver a stinging slap to Jungkook's lower back with the fly swatter. By now, there's a massive red spot there, painful looking and tender as you continue to slap the holy heck out of him.
He's yelping in pain under your attack, attempting to stumble around the kitchen counter, but you cut him off and continue in your attempt to meld the pink fly swatter into his skin.
Do you feel guilty as he yells and begs for forgiveness?
Heck no!
You almost had a heart attack!
The breathy, sexy words had instantly pushed you to violence in order to avoid the burning tightness in your body. He can't say things like that, do things like that, when he's human and he has to learn somehow.
A pink fly swatter is apparently that somehow.
"I'm sorry!" Jungkook cries after one particularly painful blow. "I'm sorry I'm sorry I'm sorry I won't ever say it again! Noona!"
You chase him into the living room, where he dives onto the floor and tries to army crawl to safety under the coffee table. You catch him just as his head is covered by the wood, flying down on your knees and moving your target from his bare lower back to the butt that he's stuck up in the air.
Like a knight carrying out his vengeance on the enemy, you slam the pink plastic object of justice into Jungkook's butt with all your might.
A loud squeal echoes under the table, followed directly by a violent thump when he hits his head on the table.
Oops. You forgot to feel bad.
You're just raising the fly swatter for another attack when your apartment door cracks open.
"Hey, Y/N, I was just letting you know that we're...oh..."
Cutting off mid sentence, you wince at the look on Jimin's face at the scene before him.
Jungkook on the ground on all fours, butt stuck up in the air like some grand monument, and you poised over him with a pink fly swatter ready and aimed.
Jimin's eyes grow huge, and his lips form into a tiny pucker of innocence, but his eyes are filled with that wicked delight that you know all too well. "So sorry," he says lightly. "I'll just leave the two of you alone."
"No!" You're up in seconds, slamming your foot in the door so your nosy friend won't close it. "Wait! Take this little idiot with you and teach him to not say inappropriate things!"
"Inappropriate things?" Jimin questions with a raised brow, followed by Jungkook whimpering behind you, "Idiot?"
You stalk back to the brown-haired man cowering on the floor and grab him by the belt loop.
"Noona," Jungkook whines as you force him up, pushing him toward the orange-headed man in the doorway.
"He's sleeping with you tonight," you say firmly. Then, with the blood still boiling in your veins, you slam the door shut in their faces.


Jungkook's POV
He stares mournfully at the closed door, wondering where it all went wrong.
Beside him, Jimin gapes.
"Jungkook," he says, "What the heck did you do?"
"I guess something bad," is the bunny's sad, vague answer. Salty water wells up in his eyes, and Jungkook touches the water in fascination once again.
It's a strange sensation, crying.
The first time he did it, on the night he turned human, it had almost shocked the life out of him that droplets of water were leaking out of his eyes. As a rabbit, he didn't cry to express sadness; in fact, he didn't really express anything.
The sudden depth of human emotion that comes with his new body is still a mystery to him. Sometimes he feels a burning in his gut that makes his teeth clench: that's anger, he supposes. And the warm pounding of his heart is happiness, and what he's feeling now...
A gut wrenching weight on his chest that forces these strange salty drops from his eyes.
Sadness, and hurt.
His chest hurts.
"Are you crying?" Jimin asks in disbelief. "Oh heck, come here." Grabbing his arms, the shorter man ushers him down the hall and into his apartment.
The farther away Jungkook gets from Y/N's door, the heavier the weight on his chest grows.
Inside, Taehyung and Hoseok are lazing around the living room like normal.
When he sees the tears running out of Jungkook's eyes, Hoseok starts.
"What's that?!" the older man yelps. "Jungkookie, there's something coming out of you!"
"Not now, Hoseok," Jimin scolds gently. He pushes a concerned Taehyung out of the way and sits Jungkook down on the couch. "Okay, tell me what happened."
As Jungkook shares his story of woe, and how fly swatters and anything pink will now and forever more terrify him, Jimin's face creases in concentration.
"I don't understand why you're crying," says the older man. "This is good! She's flustered. She's responding."
"She's mad at me." For that, Jungkook almost can't breathe.
He doesn't like this feeling.
If trying to seduce Y/N gets him kicked out so he can't cuddle her, or talk to her, or just be with her, then he couldn't care less about it.
He'd rather be with her all the time then mate with her, but only see her some. She's more important than that.
To Jungkook, she's everything.
She's home.
So he whispers to his incredulous friend, "Hyung, I don't think I want to do this anymore."
And his tears start to dry.

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