First Date

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Tao's POV

Wow! Kris is so good in bed. But we're just fuck buddies. Nothing more and nothing less. Anyways.. First day of school and I missed it! Stupid Kris.. No., stupid author! Making me skip school. I don't roll that way.>.<

Okay.. Well I'll just make Lunch.

I walked in the kitchen and I jumped in fear when I heard barking. I looked around the counter and saw a really big scary dog!

"AHHHHHHHHH!!!" I screamed and ran. I looked back and it was chasing me! I ran out of the kitchen into the living room then into the dining area and jumped on the dining table.

The dog stopped and continued barking and growling. I heard footsteps and Kris was in the room.

"Kris-ge! Help me!" Kris looked so worried then he saw what happened and started laughing. I pouted.

"What's so funny?! You're dog almost ate me!"

"He's harmless. He won't do anything." Kris said as he walked to the dog and took him outside. Kris walked back in and looked at me. I slowly got off the table and ran to him. I hugged him tightly. He seemed surprised but he hugged me back.

Kris' POV

Tao's so cute! I was surprised when he ran to me, but I don't care. I like him.

"Tao, what were you trying to do?"

"I was going to make lunch." He mumbled in my shirt. I pulled back.

"Let's go out and order something." Tao nodded his head. We were walking out but then he grabbed my arm.

"We're only wearing our boxers! We can't go out like that!" He ran upstairs and returned with our school uniforms. I scoffed. He gave me a confused look.

"Wae?" I walked upstairs, changed and gave him other clothes.

"Are we twinning?" Tao asked me.

"Ya." He nodded his head, and changed.

No One's POV

Kris and Tao both had black ripped skinny jeans, and black and white converse, Kris had a blue tank top while Tao had a red one. They both fixed their hairs and walked out.

"Kris-ge!" Tao yelled. Kris looked back and saw Tao shaking and pointing. Kris looked and saw Tao pointing at the dog. Kris walked towards Tao and held his hand.

"It's okay, I'm here." Tao nodded his head.

They walked out onto the streets, hands intertwined. Tao was excitedly looking at everything since he just moved from China. Kris look at Tao in admiration.

"Kris! Gucci!" Tao had let go of Kris' hand and ran toward the Gucci section. Kris followed behind.

Tao was walking all over the store. Picking a few things up and putting some back. "You like Gucci?" Kris asked. Tao nodded his head. "I love it." Tao answered, walking to the counter.

The sales lady told him the price. Tao reached in the pocket but then gasped. "Kris-ge! I left my wallet! What am I going to do? I really like these.."

Tao pouted and did aegyo. Kris sighed and walked toward the counter. "I'll pay, how much?" Kris paid and Tao smiled widely. He hugged Kris and gave him a small kiss on the lips. Tao took the bags and walked out of the store Kris following in sync.

"Well, since we're at the mall, let's go to one of the food courts." Tao nodded his head. As they were walking Kris saw some of the girls from school.


"What?" Kris pointed to the group of girls. "We won't be able to eat peacefully with them here."

"Awh, I like them.^^ Come on, we can ignore them and eat. Yeah?"

Kris sighed but went along with it. They ordered their foods and sat down. As they were eating Tao asked Kris, "Since you're Chinese, when did you move here?"

"I lived in Canada, visited China, then decided to move here."

They finished eating and Tao held Kris' hand as Kris held Tao's bags.

"I like how long and slender your fingers are Kris. Also their soft." Tao giggled.

"Thanks." Kris blushed. As they were walking a groups of tough looking guys came walking towards them from both sides.

"Ya!" One of the guys yelled at Kris. They looked up and Tao gasped. Tao went behind Kris then realized there were some more guys behind them.


"What're you doing with him?" Kris looked back at Tao then to the guy. "We're on a date." The guy started laughing.

"No one. I repeat no one, can go out with this guy, he's mine."

He went for Tao's other wrist but Tao pulled back.

"No! What are you doing? Why did you follow me here?" Tao asked.

"I want you Tao."

"Why? What about that Luhan guy you were fucking while you were dating me?" The guy moved back.

"He left me too." Tao sighed.

"Sehun.., it was very obvious you liked Luhan more than you did me. And Luhan likes you too. Just apologize."

"I'm trying with you but it's not working!"

"Try harder. Prove to him that you want him. Show some force, something! Cause you don't like him, you love him. Don't you?" Sehun sighed but nodded his head.

"Go. Go find him and prove to him that." After that, the guys left, and Kris was left dumbfounded.

As they reached home, Tao broke down in tears. "Tao, what's wrong?"

"I still love him. I still love Sehun.." Tao breathed out. Kris felt hurt but didn't say anything. Just hugged Tao and rubbed his hands up and down Tao's back.

"You'll be by my side.. Right Kris-ge? You won't leave me?" Kris shook his head.

"I don't plan on leaving you." Even though Tao took it as a friendly thing, Kris took it as something much more.

-Next Day-

Kris was at his locker when he saw Tao talking with two other guys. He walked up to Tao and recognized as one of the guys from yesterday. He figured the other one was.. Luhan(?). Yeah. Luhan.

"Hey Tao." Tao stopped talking, smiling and waving at Kris.

"Kris, as you know, this is Sehun. But this is Luhan." Kris bowed as did they.

"Nice to meet you." said Luhan. Kris nodded his head.

"So, I don't mean to interrupt but I need to steal Tao for a moment."

"It's fine. We were just about to go." Sehun said.

Sehun took Luhan's hand and they walked off.

"Tao.. They seem nice but I don't want you with them. Doesn't it hurt seeing them together?" Tao sighed an looked down.

"Yeah.. But you're here for me to forget. Remember? Fuck Buddies^^..."

Kris sighed. He pulled Tao's arms to hug him.

"Yep., just fuck buddies." Kris whispered the last part.

Tao's POV

It really does hurt seeing them together but they're happy. And besides, I have Kris to take my mind off things. But when we hugged. And he said those last 4 words.. He sounded depressed. Why? I plan on finding out soon. I don't want Kris-ge sad, 'cause then I'll feel sad too.

Okay. Well.. Bye bye! Until next Chapter!^^


Argh! Tao is just so cute! Next chap may have some Kaisoo.. Or Baekyeol.. Or both., idk yet. Hope you like it so far!

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