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"Your eyes don't lie, you're much too good to be true"


Justin - Where are you?

I groan and slam my hands against the small leather steering wheel. I was over half an hour late to work and the still downtown Toronto traffic was only extending my absence.

My eyes glance down at my phone to reply but the blue and red sirens sitting at the far intersection tell me it would be a bad idea. I finally am able to make a left hand turn onto Justin's building's street and roll into the parking lot. I rush to collect all of my things from the passenger seat before sprinting into the building. I probably looked like an idiot, racing inside with my heels, almost slipping when my feet reach the polished tile.

Lacey laughs, "Late much?"

I playfully roll my eyes to show my exhaustion. "I slept in, then the traffic was the worst I've ever seen!"

She nods in agreement, "There's a huge gala dinner tomorrow night, tons of people are driving in from the airport."

I frown, "Gala? For what?"

Lacey waves her hand, shooing me. "Mr. Bieber will probably tell you about it, I'm making you more late."

I bid her a nod of farewell before pressing the elevator button excessively. It finally reaches ground floor, and my heart begins to race as I near Justin's floor. I have never been late before, however, I knew he didn't tolerate it.

My feet have barely left the elevator before I am greeted by Logan. "Hello, Ms. I Show Up to Work Whenever I Want." He snipes, an evil snicker grumbling out of his lips.

Almost immediately, more workers begin to scrutinize me with their gaze. I probably did seem like a horrible person, only coming in to work when I felt like it. I sheepishly tell Logan there was traffic. "Right, traffic. I'd love to hear what Justin has to say about that." He hands me his phone, "Mind filming his reaction?"

"Shut up," I grumble, smacking his phone away. He pulls his phone to his chest for dramatic purpose.

I wish I didn't wear heels today as they clack noisily through the corridor, keeping the unwanted attention upon myself.

"...and if he doesn't, you can tell him everything will be cancelled. And that others will be coming by to collect his debt, one way or another." Justin finishes his aggressive statement before slamming the phone upon the receiver. He runs a stressed hand through his hair before continuing his paperwork. He looks incredibly annoyed, and I really didn't want to explain my annoying start to the day to him.

He picks up the phone again, typing in a number he clearly knew by heart. He waits a second and oddly enough the loud blaring of my ringtone goes off, causing his head to snap towards the door. I purse my lips, sliding it out of my purse and answering. "Hello?"

"And where have you been?" The echo of his voice being right in front of me brought light upon the situation.

"Sitting in traffic," I step into his office and he quickly strews the phone onto his desk and opens his arms for me. My eyebrows raise, expecting a lecture, lesson, or just an annoyed look.

Instead, he moves his fingers to motion me over. "Come here, I'm stressed out." He sighs, tilting his neck from side to side. I bound over placing my body into his arms which he skillfully lifts into his lap and hugs me closer.

"Well this was disappointing," Another voice startles us, of course, Logan's fake disappointed look actually disappointed Justin and I. "Where's the anger! Where's the drama!"

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