Special Girl

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December 15th, 2001

"Phillip....Phillip" the 8-year-old Alex push the bell button on the gate of Hemsworth Family residence. The maid appeared and opened the gate for Alex. Alex entered the room and was welcomed by Phillip.

"Hey, Phillip. I got something for us to play" said Alex

"What is that? Barbie doll?" Phillip remembered how Alex admited that he loved to watch Barbie movie because they looked beautiful.
"Eww..noo. I am not playing barbie doll. My daddy bought us a new CD of playstation game"
"Do you mean CD game of Barbie?"

Alex whirled his eyes ball, "You are really a Mischellina's brother. So identical"
Phillip laughed, "Okay..okay..now I am listening"

" Its about kingdom war"
"Sounds cool. Where is the CD?"
"At my home. My mother forbids me to bring it anywhere because i am good at loosing something. So i am here to ask you to play it together in my home" said Alex
"Okay then. Let us go,"


Alex and Phillip walked together and finally left only one step more to arrive at Alex home. Next to the Alex home, there were a sweet classic home which have a wide garden on its front yard. The garden was full of the colourful flowers. Alex took his eyes on the beautiful girl who was pouring the water over the flowers.

"Hi...there!" Alex greeted the girl. Phillip was reflexively look at whom Alex greeted. He widened his eyes to see the girl that he owe an apologize.

"Hi Alex" the girl smiled sweetly before she realized who was standing next to Alex. She immediately moves her view to another direction when she realize that there were a boy from the Thanksgiving event who mad at her on that day.

"Do you want us to help?" asked Alex

"W..what? What is that?" Phillip whispered to Alex

"Oh no no no. I can do it my self. Thank you." said the girl.

"I have a new game on my home. If you have finished it, i would like you to join us on my home" Alex offered the girl to play together.

"Are you kidding me? Do not you forget that...ahh..nothing. you do not know about it" Phillip muttered near to Alex ear.

"Thank you. Without me, i am sure you will have more fun" The girl responded without make a direct contact. She pretend to be busy of treating the flowers.

"You do not like games?" Alex make the conversation longer

" I like it...but i am now busy with this. I am sorry"

"Oh those flowers has been beautiful enough. You can stop treating it," said Alex, then he continued " If you afraid of him, you do not have to" Alex said spontantly. Phillip widened his eyes and the girl cheek was blushing because of embarassement.

"He even felt guilty to you till maybe he can not slept..He wants to say his apologize badly" Alex intentionally teased Phillip and made him blushed. Phillip was shock to hear what Alex had said. The girl looked at Phillip, waiting for his words.

"You two needs to made up" said Alex

"I...I...I would be better go before you" Phillip continued to walk to Alex's house

-----------------------------------------------------------Its 5 o clock and Phillip was ready to go home from Alex's house.

"You surely need to apologize to her before you move out, Phillip. This is an advise of a wise man" Alex pretend as if he was an adult.

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