Misunderstandings 2

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Manami walks back home, Gakushu's words and Karma's action kept on playing inside her head, she was confused as to what to believe.

"I'm Home" she says in a low depressing tone.

"Manami, you're back so early"

"Sis, I...want to tell...you something" Says Manami as tears start falling from her eyes.

Misaki quickly gets hold of her weak spirited sister and comforts her while hugging her.

"what happened to my little sister, what happened to you" asks a concerned Misaki.

"I lied to you all this time, I was in a relationship with Karma"

Misaki's eyes grew wide.

"But he...." she sobbed more "he lied to me, he never loved me"

Misaki pats her sister's head.

"Manami, we all learn from our mistakes, I'm sure you did too" she hugs Manami.

"I'm sure you'll forget him in no time" she added.

*flasback ends*

"Where is Saya now then" asks Meg.

"I went to the place where she used to stay but the owner says that she hasn't returned to the place since she left two years ago"

"So she even changed her place, where do we find her now?"

"We can get her address from the school's register, right" suggested Kaede.

"Its useless, even the address she gave there was fake" frowns Karma.

"Don't tell me she came back just to separate you two?" an angry Rio clenches her fist.

"But how would she know about Karma and Manami?" asks a puzzled Kaede.

"Unless someone who knows her, contacted her probably"

"But who would do that, and why"

The class' eyes suddenly directs towards Gakushu who was listening to music in his phone. The girls march towards Gakushu.

"Asano, we need to talk to you"

"what is it?"

"its you, isn't it?. you're the one whk brought Saya back"

"why did you bring Saya back, why did you separate Manami and Karma?"

"huh....why would I do that" answers an annoyed Gakushu.

"Isn't it obvious, you like Manami as well"

"we know you're interested in Manami as well, and you've never been fond of Karma as well"

The girls' answer surprised Gakushu but he kept his cool.

"so are you saying that I am the one who did it?"

"of course, who else will it be?" answered the girls.

"well even if its true You've got no proof that I like her or that I was the one who brought Saya back, so please it's better you leave and come back to me with proofs"

Frustrated, the girls walked back to their seats as the teacher enters the class.

3 days later.

Karma walks upto his mail box, checking mails as usual. He takes out the few letters inside and takes it with him. Most of the letters were for his parents except for one letter which was in Karma's name.

He opens the letter and finds a photograph of Manami crying and leaning on Gakushu, Karma's eyes grew wide open.

He searches for the address but he couldn't find one.

"Manami......" clinched Karma his fist in anger.

He stomps inside the classroom and walks straight towards Gakushu. Clenches his fist and punches Gakushu so hard that it sends him flying 3 desks away. the class Gasps loudly. Manami watches Karma in horror, she runs towards Gakushu and tends to his injuries.

"Gakushu kun are you okay" asks a worried Manami.

"You bastard, scums like should just rot somewhere" he grinned at Gakushu.

"and women like you, need to just die" he points his eyes towards Manami.

"Karma what are you saying?" asks a horrified Nagisa.

"Take a look yourself," he throws the picture towards Manami.

Manami glances at the picture. her eyes were filled with horror. It was a picture of her and Gakushu.

"Karma kun, why did you that?"

"I did what I did, you deserve that"

"you really are the biggest mistake of my life just like my sister said"

"oh really. your biggest mistake?" smirks Karma "at least I'm not doing double crossing like you and using men for pleasure"

The class gasps at Karma's statement.

Manami lands a hard slap on his face, she brakesdown.

"you....are...the worst Akabane Karma, I really hate you".

she raises her hand ready to land another slap before Gakushu gets hold of her hand. He signals Manami to stop. Manami quietly walks back towards her seat..

"Karma, that was not a way to talk to a woman" complained Rio.

"Why would I care?"

"Manami doesn't desreved to be treated like that"

"maybe you're taking it in a wrong way Karma, Manami would never do that" Kaede tries exolaining.

"that's right. Maybe it's just Saya aga"-

"shut the hell you people" shouted Karma. "its because of you people only that I made the biggest mistake of my life, don't get involved with me again"


Manami reaches back home and sees her sister cleaning the dishes in the kitchen.

"I'm home" she greeted her sister.

"oh Manami. welcome back, I'm cooking onigiri come eat"

Manami heads towards the kitchen when suddenly her head starts spinning, her body felt weak. she couldn't stand on her legs properly and her vision started becoming blurry, she falls unconscious and hits the floor. The last thing she remembers was her sister calling out her name.


Manami slowly opens her eyes. she could see her sister giving a huge sigh of relief and she sees a woman in a doctor attire besides her. she was checking her pulse.

"Manami, thank god you're awake. I was so worried" Tears started falling from Misaki's eyes.

"Sis?" Manami slowly stares at her sister. "I'm.... really sorry as well" Manami starts sobbing as well.

The doctor checks Manami's temperature and writes something in her slip, she looked concerned.

"Doctor, is everything Okay?" asks a concerned Misaki.

"Miss Misaki what i'm about to tell you might be disturbing to both of you. so please bear with it"

"what is it doctor?"

"Miss Manami is Pregnant"

Misaki and Manami eyes widened in horror.

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