Chapter 1 : Scumbag

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"This is the map to all your classes and your locker " Mrs hayes the principal of Westsea high said to me.
       I collected the map and headed towards the door of her office before turning back to her "Thank you Mrs Hayes" I said with a smile .
    I opened the door and took a step outside before running into a brick of wall and I fell down.
      I looked up to see the stupid wall that wants to spoil my positive vibe this morning.
        My eyes came in contact with the 'wall' that made me fall . He should be about 6'4 tall . I raised my hand up so that he would lift me up.
     He directed his hands towards me and I almost took my hand in his before he removed his hands and made me land directly on my butt.
       Everyone in the hall was looking at me as I squatted to  pick my books , the map and my glasses.
     The boy that made me fall moved towards me and I noticed that he wasn't the only one there .Two boys of his height came with him. 
        "Well,well,well look what we have here"
he eyed me as if I was a piece of trash.
       "I'm sorry for running into you" I said to him
      " Oh, don't be sorry, you are just a clumsy little bitch trying all means to gain my attention" he said back
        ATTENTION. There are three things I hate most in this world . They are :
★. High heels
★. Bugs and
      How dare he say I want his attention. Do I even know him?
       "I even made you speechless, just admit it you ran into me purposely" he said as he walked down the hall. Now that a crowd had formed, I wouldn't let him get away with what he said .
        "Scumbag" I screamed at him. He turned back with the group of trees that were walking with him.
        "You said what?" He asked as he came close to me ,everyone was watching  now.
     " I said you are a scumbag , asshole , dickhead and I'd rather run into a trash filled with worms than running into you" I said back at him.
      The look on his face was terrifying.

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