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11-25-17 (Sorry for spelling errors).
Still Your POV
I woke up at 4:26 and made some toast. "Wait Y/n we're not supposed to eat!" Naruto says. "I'm hungry and I don't care" I tossed one to Naruto and of course ate it. We left around 4:45 and got there at 4:53. "How long have you guys been here?" I asked Sakura. "A long half hour, but it was glorious....spending time with Sasuke" hearts in her eyes.

~30 minutes passed~

"Where have you been!" Naruto and Sakura yelled at Kakashi. "A black cat crossed my path and I got lost". "Wow and if I was late my excuse would be 10 time better than yours" I smiled at Kakashi. He held three bells up. "You'll try to get these bells, there's a timer. If you don't get a bell before the bell goes off, one of you will get tied in the pole" He says strictly.

Naruto grabs a kuni and runs at Kakashi. I quickly grabbed his hoodie. "He didn't say go, dont drag it down with you". "Ready, scatter!". I hid in a bush. Naruto? Naruto! Omg what is he doing?! "Thousand years of death" he sent Naruto flying into the water. I tried lifting him up and having him use Shadow Clone Justu. "SHADOW CLONE JUSTU!!" A whole bunch of Naruto's attack Kakashi. Kakashi disappeared so did Naruto's clones. Kakashi soon appeared behind Naruto. I cloned myself and ran towards them. "Electrifying Blast!" I struck Kakashi.

He disappeared and striked my clone. I ran behind Kakashi and started fighting him. I almost got a bell!! I fell back and he ran away. "Ugh!". After that I heard a loud scream. "Sakura?" I ran towards the scream. "Look what we got here" I smiled. "Don't mind that! Help me" he yelled. "I'm sorry, what". "I said....ugh whatever your useless anyways" he huffed. "I'm not useless just better than you because I'm not dirt" His face struck in awe. "Anyways have fun becoming a plant" I walked away. "....Just.....*sigh*...please help me" he asks. "Lighting shock" it broke the ground, crumbling into pieces.

"Thanks" he looked away. *RING*. "Oh no please don't tell me". "It's the bell" Sasuke finishes. "Hey...what happened? HEY Y/N WHAT ARE YOU DOING WITH SASUKE" Sakura yelled at me. I just walked away. "HEY DONT WALK AWAY FROM ME!".

"Naruto?!". "Why is he tied up?!" I screamed. "Because he tried to eat the bentos". "NARUTO! We had toast this morning". "It wasn't enough" he replies. "Why didn't you tell me or mom, we had enough time!". "Really? Oh ok" he laughs it off. "Now everybody gets to eat except Naruto, if one of you guys try to feed him. You'll show punishment" he says strictly.

*Naruto's stomach growls*. I started feeding Naruto. "But Y/n! You'll get in trouble". "Your my brother, I'm not gonna leave you starving" I exclaimed. "Here". Did the Duckbutt really give Naruto his bento. What's the deal? "The deal is we have to keep the team going, no one gets left behind" he huffs. Always huffing.

Kakashi's POV
These kids seem to have potential but they can't work together. I can see my sensei's children working together but not with the others. I poofed in air telling the kids not to feed Naruto. I'm for sure his sister will help. "Your my brother, I'm not gonna leave you starving". "The deal is we have to keep the team going, no one gets left behind". "I'm helping as well!"

I popped up in front of the kids. "YOU!!! I told you not to feed him!". "We're sorry but we can't leave him starving, I always thought it's just me and my brother with our mother. We don't have much friends so we always depend on each other, now we have comrades and they're always here for us". Y/n seems to understand. "We are all one, together or not...we'll stick together!" Sasuke yells. "We will stick together no matter what happens". "Even if it's hard, we'll never break apart" Naruto and Sakura finish.

"Passed". They all looked at me dumb founded. "What?". "Your kidding me right?" Sakura asks. "Shh! Don't jinx it Sakura!!" Naruto whispers where everybody can hear.

Your POV
Everything gets settled, everybody went to get ramen. The best night ever! "Hey Y/n can I talk to you?" Sasuke walks behind a tree. "Umm...thanks for getting me out" he walks back. "Umm? Your welcome" I ran up to him.

~Next Day~
"Naruto". "Point A". "Sasuke". "Point B". "Sakura". "Point C". "Y/n". "Point D". "Get ready to capture the target". "YES! Mission accomplished" Naruto says. The cat scratches Naruto's face viciously. I grabbed the cat and it calmed down.

"Here you go miss" I smiled. "OH MY CAT!! My cat, just how I missed you so much  and once we get you home, we'll give you a bath and dress you up..". "I know why the cat ran away now" Naruto snickered. "Your next mission....gardening, planting, tr". "I don't want cra". I hit Naruto. "Language!". "Oh yeah sorry. I don't want missions like those I want a harder mission" He exclaims. "Fine. You'll be assigned to protect a bridge builder, rank C" the third hokage tells us.

A drunk guy holding booze, crazy walks in trying to hold balance. "Who's the kid with the idiotic face" he exclaims. We all lined up. Sasuke, Sakura, me and Naruto were the same height. We looked at him and tilted our heads. "The blonde one". "YOUR GETTING IT!!" I held Naruto back. "Naruto you can't kill the client!". He huffs. "Let's just go".

"Mom we're leaving for a couple days. Stay safe!", "You guys stay safe too!". We walked out the door. "We're leaving the village, we're leaving the village!!" He exclaims. "Why is he so happy" Sakura asks me. "He's never been outside the village". We started walking and walking till I saw this random puddle? It hasn't rained in a couple days....All of a sudden. I heard chains. *Clink*. *Clink*. *Slash*.

(Oui this one probably sucked 😭 It's ok I guess. See you in the next chapter! ✌️😛).

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