Ch1: Permanently Grounded

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Had thoughts of this story for a while but until now I decided to put it all together. Enjoy!


"Looks like the dynamic duo, is being separated," Ned sighed his disappointment at Peter's, and Ned's, predicament.

"What do you mean?" Peter questions as he places his Spanish notebooks into his locker. "We Still have two classes and decathlon practice after school." Peter pointed out, thinking that Ned was referring to the lack of classes. The year prior they were fortunate enough to have four classes together along with decathlon practice. Now, when they started on the first day of their junior year of high school a week ago, Peter and Ned stood in the exact same hall only next to the water fountains instead of in front of Peter's locker, holding their schedules side by side, inspecting what classes they had together. Their eyes darted back and forth from their own square piece of paper to the other paper. No matter how much they looked back and forth, the only classes they shared this year was English AP and P.E. They both sighed in depression, this year they shared two fewer classes than they did last school year.

"I'm not talking about school," Ned dismissed the comment with a wave of his hand. "You're no know," Ned gestures while his hand, simulating the activation of web fluid Peter does. "Spiderman," He whispers, looking around them to make sure no one heard him. Of course, no one cared enough to listen to the conversation of 'losers'. "How can I be the guy in the chair without anyone to do guy-in-the-chair stuff for?"

"Don't worry Ned. You can still be the guy in the chair," Peter reassured him with a calming smile.

"How? Did you forget about May's crime-fighting prohibition when she grounded you for life." Ned reminded Peter of his current situation with his aunt.

Peter thought back to the end of the last school year May, during the end of the sophomore school year accidentally walked in on Peter when he was dressed as spiderman after receiving it back from Tony Stark. At that time May wasn't home and he decided, foolishly, on keeping his bedroom door open when being in his suit. He hadn't counted on his aunt returning home so soon, but she had. Her arrival was filled will curse words and lectures as she walked back and forth before a spidey dressed Peter, sitting in a chair. After she was able to catch her breath, and Peter was able to understand what she was telling him, she grounded Peter for the whole summer and had sternly, prohibited him from continuing his hero duties. Peter pleaded with her and attempted to give explanations that it wasn't as bad as she thought. However, she brought up the battle with the vulture, a compelling case that Peter didn't have an excuse for, and it was decided that he wasn't allowed to be Spider-man.

She planned it out perfectly too. When summer vacation started, she kept him under her strict eyes by constantly doing activities together, like going out for dinner, watching movies, or playing board games. Whenever she couldn't watch him when she was at work, she kept him under surveillance by using a baby monitor she bought at the thrift shop when he was at home. He felt a bit insulted that she had to purchase a baby monitor. First Mr. Stark with the Training wheels Protocol and then Aunt May with the baby monitor. Two people who thought he was an immature child who couldn't be trusted. He could have rewired the monitor so he could sneak around and be Spiderman again but Aunt May would find out through news coverages and he wanted to convince her that he could be trusted.

Peter sighed deeply, trying to come up with a good excuse," It's not for life."

"No, just for the whole summer," Ned commented back. "So any word on when Spiderman will be ungrounded?" Ned asked, whispering Spider-man.

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