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A Teenage Revenge Story

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 “Hey Alexandraa!” said Taylor while pushing me back so I was up against the wall. She and her little gang surrounded me and picked on me like always. Since the beginning of this year I’ve been there new target and the fact I didn’t have friends didn’t help either. I was tall, skinny and had acne all over my face and back. They always picked on my dull brown hair and how I was like a skinny, nerdy twig.

“Can you leave me alone?” I asked wishing that I could just go to English on time. Taylors blonde and perfectly plucked eye brow raised up making her bright green eyes look evil. She snapped her fingers together making me jump a little. Her friend on the left came up beside me grabbing my arm and pulling me away from the wall. All of a sudden Taylor’s thin blonde hair whipped both ways looking for any teachers but sadly there was none. She ripped open my bag and took everything in it. She threw all my school books into the bin along with my pencil case.

“Nerd,” Taylor scoffed as she and her friends walked away down the school corridors. To be honest that was not the worst thing she has done. She set up a campaign to ban me from the cafeteria but the principle found out and stopped her. She’s bullied me on Facebook at school got her dirty little minions to bash me and harass me I’m fed up with this. I slid down the wall and put my face on my knees while I softly cried away my pain. That was it I’m sick of Taylor and her stupid friends I’m leaving this stupid school and never coming back.

3 years later

“honey are you sure you want to return I mean you don’t have to go back,” My mum said. She knew how much pain I went through back then but now I have changed. I stronger in every way, I was toned and my acne was completely gone. My dull brown hair was now shiny black colour that matched my blue/green eyes.  I was hot now, and so different most people wouldn’t even recognise me.

“Yes mum I have to leave before I’m late! love you, bye” I said shutting the car door before she tried to make me stay. It was the first day of year 11, and I Alex was going to get revenge on Taylor King even if it was the last thing I did.

I walked down the school corridors like I owned the place making my mark. I swayed my butt side to side in my mini short shorts and made my way to my locker. I opened my bag looking for a piece of paper the office gave me with locker combo.

“Hey are you wearing space pants cause your ass is out of this world,” Said a tall blonde guy from behind me. He looked hot but like I was going to admit that. How stupid are guys thinking they can just hit on the new girl the minute she walks into school. I look at him and give him a sweet smile which he returns.

“Actually I’m wearing softball pants case this ass is out of your league,” I told him while popping my hip to the side and putting my hand on it. Did he really think that I haven’t heard that one before. A whole lot of ‘ohhhh’s’ came from people who were now surrounding us around. A gave the boy another smile but this time he didn’t return it.

“dam girl you got swag!” yelled a boy from the crowd while he pushed his way throw the people over to me.

“What’s your name?” he asked me as he came up right next to me.

“Sorry, I don’t just give my name away to anybody,” I told him while picking up my bag and walking away. I know this year is going to be fun just wait and see.

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