Meeting the PRINCE of VAMPIRES was not on my VACATION LIST!! Chapter 1

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Meeting the PRINCE of VAMPIRES was not on my VACATION LIST!!!!!

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Chapter 1

I was running, and running fast throw the forest till I got to a beautiful open meadow. It was breath taking; the sun was shinning happily upon all the beautiful blue and purple flowers. I wanted to make sure this was real so I ran into the meadow stepping on blue and purple flowers, but it felt soft under my feet and my pink sundress and hair was moving with the wind.

Everything was beautiful and perfect, the small of lavender and grass, the felling of soft earth under my feet, the heat of the sun and the cool wind blowing my hair all around my face. I was in heaven...

"BEEP! BEEEEP! BEEEEEP!" I herd my alarm go, bring me back to reality and far, far away from my heaven.

"Ugh!" I groaned stretching out my hand to wards my cell phone, which I used as my alarm, and pressed the 'stop' button. I check the time 3am.

I bet your wondering who I am and what I'm going to do up so early... Well my Name is Katie Lesa, I'm currently 15, and I'm Portuguese with a hint of English since I currently live in England. And as to why I'm up so early well my parents decided since we're on summer break that we should go to Madeira, a small little island that belong to the Portuguese Colony, to go see the family. So we have to be at the airport at about 7 am, but since we live in a town called Poole, it takes about round about 2 or so hours to get to London.

So here I am the first one to get up, so I can go wake up my parent. I love my parent and all but sometimes they rely on me to much. I'm usually the first one to be awake and I wake up the rest of the family which would be my brother, Alex, 9 years old, tall for his age, light brown hair and big brown puppy eyes, my sister, Carol, which is 5 years old, light brown hair and big brown eyes . And last but now least my parents; my dad is short with dark brown hair and brown eyes, my mother's also short, black long hair with highlights and brown eyes. And then there's me, I'm the odd one out, I'm tall about 5f 8, long wavy hair which I usually straighten because of my emo hair style cut, I have really naturally tanned skin, really dark brown eyes, which could be mistaken for black and really curvy body which I don't like because I have big breasts, big hips and a very big behind.

I said for about another 2 minutes in bed, then I decided that I had to get up, well because I needed the bathroom. After I was done in the bathroom I walked back to my room, and did my bed. I got my cloths that I would be wearing that day, which would be black skinny jeans, black flat pumps, a black top, and a black sweater, yea I kind of like black, and I put the cloths on my bed. I went to the dinning room to check if the entire luggage was ready. Everything was good and ready so I went to wake up my family.

After about an hour everyone was awake and busy getting dressed. I was already ready, I'm not really those types of girls that take an hour to get dressed, and the only make up I use is eyeliner. While everyone was busy and all I was sitting on the couch and listening to music on my ipod.

"Katie, help me take these bags to the car." I herd my dad say in Portuguese. I got up and went to help him.

I decided to stay in the car since we were about to leave. With in minutes everyone was in the car and we made our way to London.

During the ride everything was peaceful. My little annoying siblings were sleeping, mom was reading a magazine and dad; well he was listening to the radio which I paid no attention to.

We got to the air port and checked in out luggage and went to have breakfast. After about an hour of waiting we departed. But unfortunately this ride was not as peaceful as the car ride for 3 reasons.

1. I couldn't sleep, the seats were uncomfortable. 2. My siblings nor would my parents shut up. 3. There were this group of guys two were sitting next to me, a few feet away and two were sitting in front of them and they wouldn't stop looking me, they kept winking and smirking when I showed them the middle finger.

'This is going to be a long ride.' I thought and with that I made my way to the beginning of a vacation that I would never expect...

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