Ohara Mari x Ballerina! Reader x Matsuura Kanan

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Also, for clarification, it is a female reader

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Best Of The Stage

Your POV

"And the trophy goes to..."

"(F/N) (L/N)! For her excellent performance tonight!"

Again, the trophy was mine. This time in Italy, my tenth trophy for ballet is given to me.

On the wooden stage, in one of the most recognized theatres in Italy, there you can find me. Bowing to the multitude, giving my thanks to my supporters, still in my typical outfit of ballet. The multitude was throwing roses to the stage, pretty typical with me. Do not get me wrong, I am no arrogant person, but once it is proved that there is no place where your bright can be beaten, then tell me how would react? For me, it is pretty boring now, even if I love ballet with all of my heart, thanks to all of my years of dedication it is now boring.

Still, I had to maintain my posture and grace on the stage, no taking importance in how I feel in the inside.

Rounds of applauses echoed through the theater for some seconds more until the moment of abandoning the stage came.

I returned to my dressing room and got changed into a sleeveless red dress that went on to my knees, letting my hair down.

I wonder, how did I get here? If you don't pay attention to the news or the art media, then you would think I am a normal girl of seventeen years old, nothing less, nothing more. Since when do I feel like this? I feel like I can guess the rest of my life.

I sigh as I finished my business inside the dressing room. Opening the door to take my leave, I saw a giant man standing outside in completely white suit, he also had brown hair and black glasses covering his eyes. In his hands he held a letter and he was giving it to me.

I accepted the letter and looked directly at it, still in its envelope. The letter was from...

...a friend?

I looked up trying to ask from who was the letter but the man wasn't there anymore. I turned back to my dressing room and closed the door and I sat in couch that was nearby.

I opened the envelope and from there I got a ticket to Japan and the letter. Unfolding the letter I started to read it.

I would like to rent your services for my daughter and her friends. I believe your dancing skills can be useful to them as I saw you are very recognized in the international frame. I will cover up your expenses and your housing, as well as your travel as you can already see. I hope you can accept my offer.

Good luck,

A friend

I need to teach some girls how to dance?

I thought about it, not that I needed to much time, I got the answer right from the beginning, it is the perfect excuse to search again the fun in dancing so of course I wouldn't reject it.

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