Chapter 3:gone missing

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I walked around hearing the same voice OVER AND OVER again...It was an irish voice...someone i knew...wait....LIZZY!

I woke up sweating on the other hand mitch was sleeping next to me sound asleep but..very loud...I kissed my boyfriend's forehead.ok so what?im gay i dont care what others think!

"carter?"Mitchell said groggily wipping the blurry ness out of his eyes.

"yea?"i said looking down out him.He pulled me down on the bed slightly towering over me and kissed me on the lips,i kissed back soon pulling away for air.

"heh,i love you,"mitch said looking at me.I smiled giggling cutely.

"love you too!"i said pulling him down.He fell ontop of me.We laughed as I tried to push him off.He soon turned us over now my hands and face was on his chest.

"sleep for ten maybe thirty?"mitchell asked me I hummed out a'thirty'and fell back asleep.

After sleep we both awoke and realised instead of sleeping thirty minutes,we slept for two hours...and thirty minutes.I shook him silently yelling his name atleast five times.HE woke up like he was having a barely scary nightmare.

"hey wake up,we slept for two hours and thirty minutes instead of thirty minutes!"i said he sat up making me sit in his lap.I blushed as we both giggled.

I love mitch,He is the best boyfriend i have ever had.We both agree on everything,We never fight,and we are the same height and age.

I checked my phone and the last text from lizzy was a month ago which isnt normal.The text was

'going to Jeff Dylans library i'm not gonna be on for a week'

...ONE WEEK ok and shes been gone for A FLIPPIN MONTH!

'hey you know what happened to your cuoz last?"i said kinda scared.

"havent ye heard?shes gone missing!"

(A/N sorry this is short i didnt have alot of info of Carter Young mitchell i know exactly what i wanna do with him)  

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