5- how (not) to stop a robbery

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"Tell me again why you bought another gun?"

"Cause they're fun." I pointed my new Ruger LCR at the target 50 feet in front of me. Pulling the trigger, I heard the muffled sound of a gunshot through my ear protection. Then I pulled it again, and again, keeping my breathing controlled and arm steady. 

"Not for protection?" Chris asked me from the adjacent booth.

"What would I need protection from?"

"I dunno. Just didn't know if you were gonna start carrying it around in your purse or something. It is pretty small."

Pulling the target closer to me, I looked at my string of shots. One in the bullseye, the rest in the rings close by. The cluster was actually pretty tight. 

"Nope, wasn't planning on it." I told him, though I had definitely considered it. The incident in the alley might have gone smoother if I had one. Then Tyler the 'hero' wouldn't have had to 'save' me. Ugh. 

"Okay, just making sure." Chris muttered. "You have been acting a little weird lately."

"I'm fine, Chris." It had been a little over a week since I went to Dave's but the memory was still clear. Despite being able to defend myself against that chubby asshole, I hated that I was put in that situation. Maybe going out alone wasn't such a good idea.

"I hate to say this, but I've got to go back to my dorm. Got a lab due tomorrow."

"It's okay. Thanks for coming out." I told him. After reloading my gun, I emptied the clip into a clean target, each shot resonating through my body.

As I was about to go a third round, I felt my phone vibrate in my pocket. I looked at the screen and saw it was a text from Ryan, the flannel guy from the shooting range. 

Call of Duty. Me and you. Tomorrow night.

I smiled, somewhat confused.

Haha ok... ?

If I win, you have to buy me a beer.

And if I win?

I'll take you on a date, anywhere you want to go.

My smile grew wide at the night to come. If anything could help me move past my previous crush, it was a new one. While Ryan wasn't nearly as mysterious or hot as Tyler, he proved to be decent in bed. I hadn't wasted much time before reaching out to him. My dating history was chalk full of one night stands and casual flings. It was what I knew, what I was comfortable with. 

As I was walking out of the building, I got another message. This one was from Carly reminding me to pick up wine for movie night. After sending her a quick confirmation, I drove to the nearest convenience store.

I made a beeline for the alcohol section. Cheap white, cheap red, some from California, some in a box. Without having many options, I grabbed the biggest and cheapest bottle of white. 

I had just picked up the Pinot Grigio when I saw a man enter the store wearing a ski mask and dark clothes. I quickly ducked down behind the shelf, praying he hadn't seen me as he marched over to the counter. 

"Empty the drawer."

The voice was deep and intimidating, sending shivers through my body. I crouched down low and out of sight, putting the bottle on the floor next to me. I crept forward to see what was happening, light on my converse, hoping he was too distracted by the cashier to hear my steps. Peering from behind the shelf, I saw the masked man standing in front of the register with a gun pointed at the middle-aged cashier's head.

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