Change Of The Heart (1), PART 1

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It's been 2 months since the accident and there hasn't been any signs of improvement. You see, Tami was in an accident on her birthday coming to my house. Origanlly she would of came over, and we'd surprise her for her birthday but some dick head crashed her car and sped off.

Tami's car rolled and flipped causing her to nearly die but it only lead to her coma. If I ever find out who did this to Tami I'm gonna kill em. Actually if I ever see Tami's parents I'm gonna kill them.

Mum and I called them telling about Tami's situation and they said they can't come back because of their jobs. Like what the fuck? Your daughter is in a fucking coma. We told the docs that mum will be her temporary guardian. Fuck heads.

Oh and you wanna know something else? Ruby, fucking Ruby showed up. She claimed that she wanted to apologise. Pfft yeah right. I sent her away real quick. And she hasn't shown back up since.

Bloody bitch coming here like she owns the place. "Hey sweetie. Brought you some coffee." Mum hands me the cup and I smile.

"Thank you. Has the doctors said about progress or anything?" I ask but mum shakes her head. I sigh and stare at Tami. Her skin has gotten pale and sunken from the lack of nutrition. Oh Tami please wake up soon.

"She'll wake up soon." Mum promised, laying her hand on my shoulder for comfort. I hope she does. My world isn't the same without Tami.

"Um exuse me Miss Corrine?" We look behind and see a doctor smile at as. "May I come in?" Mum nods and I look closely at the doctor. She was holding up a clipboard with paper. "So we need to discuss the
withdraw nutritional support and ventilation from Miss Tami ." My eyes widen and so does mums.

"We are not doing that! Tami will wake, I just know it!" Mum puts hands on my shoulders to calm me. But I can't be calm when they want to pull the plug!

"Ma'am Tami isn't making any progress." I growl and was ready to punch the living daylights out of her.

"Listen we aren't pulling the plug just yet. We have hope." Mum said and shooed the doctor out. I sigh and look at Tami's still figure. I know she'll wake up. She has too.

"Mum, can you give me a little lone time?"

"Sure honey. I'll get us something to eat." Once I was alone with Tami I finally broke down. Clutching her hand I let the tears fall.

"God, I'm crying like a baby." I wiped my tears laughing. "You would be laughing at me by now Tam. Look at me, I'm a mess." I lied my head next to hers and stares at her. What do people do when they are in a coma? Think? Sleep? But I wish she would wake. Then I could laugh with her. Kiss her whenever I want. "You know Tami, I miss you a lot. Like a lot. It's quite lonely with out you." With a sigh I kiss her forehead and close my eyes.

I haven't been sleeping lots. I've been too worried. Like What is something happens and I'm not there? I'd feel even worse than I already feel. "Tami..." I whispered. She's so beautiful. Everyday she would shine even if she would be lonely at home or if she was being picked on. She'd smile any other way. And she is so strong willed and kind. No one would ever think she is so broken and lonely inside. The smile would just cover it all up.

"I didn't tell you this but... Tami I think I'm falling harder for you than ever."

Hello! Welcome back everyone to the sequal of The Bad Girl Took My Heart!! I hope the first chap was good. To be honest I cried while writing this 😭 so sad to see Tami in a coma and Wynter suffering. But maybe they'll be happy soon 😊

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