Chapter 15

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Killer POV

Why is he trying so hard with me?
Why does he care?
Does he like it when I'm weak?
No. I pushed the thoughts out of my head.
If you care, you get hurt. Simple. Don't care.

Nightmare POV

I held Killer in a tight hug. His eyes were still blank, but I still held on.
"I'm not giving up on you," I murmured, more to myself then Killer. "I believe in you. We can get through this. You're the strongest person I know."
Killer shuffled slightly.
"You hungry, sweetheart?"
Killer was still unmoving. I sighed and got up and walked into the other room. I threw eggs in a pan and chucked some bread in the toaster. Weariness slowed every movement. I heard my phone buzz. A text.

Dream: Heya bro... Heard from Cross Horror died...

I raised an eyebrow and quickly typed a response.

NM: No? Horror's fine?

Dream: oh. Crossy must have got it wrong.

NM: hey dream?

Dream: yes?

NM: Can you come to Killer's place? I need you

Dream: Sure!

NM: thx bro

Dream: np

I put down the phone and put the eggs and toast onto a plate. A notification came up on my phone for a random number texting me.

???: hey

NM: who is this

???: That's not important.

NM: umm, yes it is

NM: think you got the wrong number

???: Is this nightmare

NM: yes?

???: Then I got the right number.

NM: what do you want and who are you

???: I'm just here to warn you

NM: oh gee a random stranger here to warn me

???: About Horror.

NM: ?

???: He's supposed to be dead. He shouldn't have Determination. But he did. He can't return to Horrortale.

NM: why not

???: Go there. See for yourself.

NM: I'm blocking you this is weird as heck

???: Bye

-Number Blocked-

Well, that wasn't disturbing at all. Dream burst through the door.
"BROTHER OF MINE," He yelled, making me laugh.
"Hello, Dream." I answered.
"Need your help,"
"With what?"
"What do you need me to do?"
I reached into my pocket and brought out a black apple. Dream looked at it, shocked.
"You kept one?"
"Sure. Because it can be turned gold again. If someone with good intentions for a gold apple touches it, it will comply."
"I didn't know that! Why didn't you tell me?"
"Because neither of our intentions were ever good enough,"
"I'm gonna give a golden apple to Killer so he'll be alright." I said, my hand placed on top of the black surface of the apple.
"I'm gonna give a golden apple to Killer so my brother can be happy," Dream murmured.




"It didn't work?" Dream raised an eyebrow.

Because Killer needs to touch it too."

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