Part 54 - St. Patrick's day

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I slowly opened my eyes, the sun shone through the windows and littered the floor with pure yellow light. Last night, was the most sleep I've had in weeks, it was fantastic. My thoughts suddenly switched to Patrick, I better go check on him and tell the doc. I slowly slid out of Ricks arms, my attempt not wake him was successful, I put my clothes on for the day and took my tooth brush with me, tucking it into my back pocket as I left Rick's cell. I strolled over to the other cell block, I wondered over to Patrick's cell and peered my head through. Patrick wasn't in there, I stood in the cell wondering where he could have gotten to. That's when I heard it... the soft, wet, squelching noise, I walked out of the cell and approached the cell next to Patrick's.... There was Patrick, covered from head to toe in blood, though it wasn't his, it belonged to the guy who he had torn through. I didn't even know who the innocent guy was, his body was so mutilated and chewed up, he was barely recognisable. Before I could say anything, Patrick realised that I was staring at him as he slowly turned his reanimated body towards me.

Everything seemed to go in slow motion, I turned my head to see three other people as walkers, as I looked back at Patrick, he was already lunging for me. I stepped back and pulled the cell door to me and slammed it shut in Patrick sandwiching him between the wall and the heavy bars. "Everyone get out!!!" I shrieked trying to get people up and ready to escape the cell block. "Everyone out!!!... Now!!!" I yelped again, this time people were running out and freezing with fear. "Get out!!! Get the others!" my voice was beginning to become hoarse, everyone ran towards the gate which attracted the walkers, I had to lure them away from the frantic screams and cries "Hey! assholes! over here!" This gesture definitely got their attention. I took my hands off of the door and backed away, my feet shuffling backwards until I touched the stairs of the walkway, I turned around and ran up them, waiting at the top. I wouldn't be able to deal with all of them. The walkers were nearing, and I had nothing to defend myself with... fuck. I search around the walkway for a weapon, but to no avail, "There has to be something!" I muttered to myself, I couldn't think, there were still people screaming and running in the cell block. Patrick was getting closer, I walked up to Patrick, about to push him down the stairs, when an arrow came tearing through his mangled heap of a head.

A smirk crept across my face, I knew exactly who that was, it was Daryl, he began shouting, telling everyone to get out. I ran down the stairs kicking one walker as I did, causing it to knock the other two, to the ground. I ran to Daryl "Where's Rick" I asked, Daryl just shrugged his shoulders and shook his head. That was when I heard crying, I turned to see a little girl in the corner and two walkers walking towards her. I ripped Daryl's hunting knife from his belt and ran towards her. I rammed the knife into one of their heads and picked her up, the other walker grabbed hold of her before I knew it, he was trying to sink his teeth into her. At the least second I turned away, the walker sunk its teeth into my arm "Argh!!!" I screamed, pulling away. Daryl ran over and killed the walker and stared in shock at my arm. "Jess I-" I shook my head, "I'll be fine, its along story" I said sternly as I walked past him and approach the do. who was helping people who had been bitten. "Doc" I said, causing his head to turn to me "What the fuck just happened?"


"Doc... what the fuck just happened" I questioned him again, still holding the frightened little girl, my arm was bleeding a lot. "Before I make any type of educated guess, let me stitch you up first?" he responded gesturing with his hand for me to sit down. "She was bit Doc..." Daryl piped up, looking down at the floor. "Daryl I'm fine... I've been bitten before, it doesn't affect me for some reason" I replied, handing the girl to Daryl and sitting down next to the doc. Doctor S stitched me up pretty good, my arm was aching, but he said that it would heal pretty quick.

"Doc, have you got any idea what happened this morning?" I asked the doc with a worried expression on my face, I honestly had no clue. I see Patrick alive a matter of hours ago, and now he's a walker... I really feel like this is my fault. Hershel and Carol had entered the cell, Hershel's company was short lived as he took the little girl I had saved outside to get some air, though Carol stayed. "Well... let's go and have a look shall we?" Doctor S replied in a calm yet firm tone. Rick, Daryl, carol and I began to follow him to the cell in which Patrick had been placed in. "Jess don't..." I looked up at Rick who had placed my hand into his, what was he talking about? "Don't think this is your fault... you might not have said it, but I can see it in your eyes... you didn't know this was gonna happen" he continued as he gave my hand a well needed reassuring squeeze.

"Patrick... he didn't look like the others, he looked... different" I stated, causing everyone to look at me, Doc S stood up and walked towards me "What did his face look like?... I can't see his face it's too damaged" he replied. I stared down at Patrick his face was... well that was just it... his face no longer existed. I cleared my throat "His eyes... it was like they were gonna pop from his head, he was more aggressive than the rest... and he wasn't bitten... I saw him last night after council" I mumbled, still staring at Patrick's lifeless corpse. Rick crouched down next to Daryl "What was he like? Was he ill or sick?" He interrogated, I went to shake my head but I remembered "He- He was coughing, a lot, and he was sweating, he looked totally out of it... I offered to come and get you Doc but he refused..." I replied, my gaze still shifting around the floor.

"That's right, He said he felt sick so he left, when I was reading to the children... I didn't think anything of it" Carol's gaze also shifted to the floor when she said this. Doctor S took in a deep breath "I think there's only one explanation..." he declared, he let out a long sigh before continuing. "It's some sort of flu or something... that's the only thing I can think of" he suggested, standing up again. "Wha- what do you mean some sort of flu?" Rick asked whilst getting up as Doctor S did and walking up behind me. "Like the Spanish flu or small pox... it might have come from the pigs... or the walkers themselves... I think that's what happened to Patrick... don't blame yourselves, you couldn't have prevented this" he deduced "Now everyone who was staying in here, who could be exposed and who has been in contact with Patrick in the last 12 hours, need to stay isolated... just for 24 hours and maybe then well know if my theory is correct and if its airborne... well need to get anti-biotics and medicine if need be" The doc declared before leaving the cell, then it hit me... I have touched him yesterday and I came in here today "Doc... I was in contact with him last night and I was in here this morning..." I said, Doctor S stopped, and walked up to me "Well then... you'll need to be isolated" his eyes were filled with an empathic hint mixed with pity. I didn't want to be isolated... but what if I was sick? I wouldn't want to infect anyone, they're my family... and especially Judith, she's only a baby. But I didn't want to end up like Patrick, that thought sent shivers down my spine. "We know the symptoms are Coughing and sweating... anyone who shows those symptoms, isolate them separately immediately!" the doctor yelled as he left the cell block, I assume to create some medicine that would cure everyone if this indeed was an epidemic...That would just be a pipe dream, my hope for a miracle was always short lived in a world like this.

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