Chapter 1: Returning to Hogwarts

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*Hermione POV*

I was walking up the cold stone stairs to the place I had called home for the last six years. Hogwarts still looking as homely as ever with its tall brown turrets with lights glowing out of the windows and the castles large stone walls with the welcoming black doors that were looming in front of me.
I couldn't wait to see Ron, after the war the two of us were practically inseparable. My parents had taken me to Australia for a week so they could show me were they lived while the war was going( since I had obliviated their minds to think they were a couple of English dentists that had wanted to travel for there whole lives but never had the courage to), this meant that I had missed the first week of Hogwarts.

Personally I had thought of this very unfair because it meant that I hadn't seen my won-won(I know it sounds cheesy, but he is my boyfriend)in a week. I opened the big black steel doors that were in front of me and walked to the great hall. I used my fingers to straighten my brown frizzy hair that was a mess from my long journey. Once I had done that I opened the doors that lead me into the great hall, as soon as I had walked in Ginny had practically jumped onto me making my legs buckle but I managed to keep my balance, she immediately started asking me a bizzillion questions.

"Howareyouwherewereyou,howwasyourholiday" Ginny asked

"I'm fine,thanks for asking." I managed to say as Ginny gave me the Weasly death hug.

Then I saw Harry and I ran up too him, giving him my best impression of a Weasly hug( but it wasn't nearly as good as Ginny).

"Could you let go now Hermione" Harry blurted.

Wow I never realised I was that strong I thought to myself. Then I saw Ron's gorgeous hair that I had fallen in love with in my second year( and now I am in my 7th) I ran into the direction of where he was sitting until I realise he was snogging the living day lights out of Pansy Parkinson.
All I could say was
"Why Ron"

I then ran out of the great hall with tears streaming down my face to my dormitory. As I ran I thought, why did he go snogging Pansy, is it because he didn't like my brown hair and eyes or was it because I was to short. I knew that I wasn't that short, was five foot six short? I was so upset that I didn't see where I was going and I ran into a wall. All I remember was that my head was hurting and that a tall blonde figure lifted me up and took me to the hospital wing.(at least I hoped it was the hospital wing)

* how shady could that last line be out of context ;)))

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