Chapter 012: Zombie Boy

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Part 2

A year of living in Will's bedroom later...

    "Am I finally gonna meet your friends?" Brynn asked, from atop her bunk. Joyce had saved up money to buy Will and Brynn a set of bunk beds, she practically lived with them anyways.

"Yes, we're all going to the arcade, and Mom said you could start going places with me now." Will said, getting a few quarters together to go to the arcade. A few minutes later they had hopped in Joyce's car, pulling into the arcade parking lot.

"Okay, so I'm gonna pick you guys up in two hours, that's nine o'clock on the dot. AND if anything happens if you need to come home just ask them to use their phone and call home okay? And don't-"

"Don't walk or bike home, I know." Will said, starting to get out of the car.


"Mom we have to go."

"Have fun." Joyce said. Will and Brynn got out of the car and went to a group of three boys.

"Hey." Will said. "This is 013, but you can call her Brynn."

"Hi." She said. They all introduced themselves and went inside. The boys were playing games, but Brynn just stood back and watched.

"Are you sure you don't want to play?" Will asked.

"I'll probably cause a power outage if I tried so I'd rather not." Brynn said.

"Okay." Will looked outside. "Hey guys look at the-" He turned and looked around like he couldn't see anyone.

"Will?" Brynn asked, waving her hand in front of his face. He turned around and went out the door, and Brynn turned to Mike.

"What's going on with Will?" She asked, Mike shrugged. They went outside and Will was staring at the sky.

"Will?" Brynn asked again, but got no reply.

"Will?" Mike asked, putting his hand on Will's shoulder. Will jumped and looked at Mike. "You okay?"

"What- Yeah I just... needed some air." Will said. Mike threw his arm around Will and went inside, Brynn stayed outside. She closed her eyes and focused, trying to see what Will was thinking about. Then she saw the Upside Down. There was a huge red storm and a giant shadow inside of it. She tapped out and gasped. She went back into the Arcade and didn't say a word the rest of the time they were there. Joyce showed back up, at nine o'clock on the dot, just like she said. Brynn and Will said goodbye to everyone and got in the car. They got home and both children went into Will's room. Will laid on his bunk while Brynn sat on hers, her feet dangling over the edge.

"I know what you saw." Brynn said. "At the arcade." Will didn't respond, he just sat in silence.

"I think we need to tell your mom."

"She knows." Will said. "It was probably just a flashback or something anyways, I'm fine." He insisted.

"I know when you threw up the slug too. You saw the Upside Down in the bathroom, Didn't you?"

"How do you know this stuff?"

"I can enter your mind, see what you're thinking about." Brynn said. "Remember?"

"Yeah, I know." Will said simply.

"If it happens again tell me. I'll figure it out anyway." Brynn said. Again, Will sat in silence.

"Goodnight, Will." Brynn said. She looked at the light and it went off, then turned over and went to sleep.


    Brynn woke up the next morning, Will was already at school. The house was completely empty, Joyce was back at the store and Jonathan was at work as well. Brynn got up and turned the light on, and changed into a pair of leggings and one of Will's t-shirts, which was too big for both of them. She went into the kitchen and made two eggo waffles, something Joyce had taught her to do. She went back into Will's room and sat on her bunk, eating her waffles. She closed her eyes and saw Will, he pulled a piece of paper out of his locker and looked at it, Brynn went further into the thought, so she was inside the school. She walked up behind Will and looked at the paper. It was a picture of Will with his eyes scribbled out, and above the picture it said 'Zombie boy'. Brynn wanted to rip the paper out of his hand and crumble it up, but she knew she couldn't physically touch anything. She tapped out of the 'invisible world' as Brynn and Will called it and sat on her bed.

"Mouth-breathers." She whispered to herself as she hopped off the bed. She turned the light off with her mind and slipped her shoes on, Joyce Byers only rule echoing through her head. 'Never EVER go back into the Upside Down.'

    Brynn opened the front door, the cold Autumn air hitting her, causing her blonde hair to blow back over her shoulders.

'Never EVER go back into the Upside Down...'

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