Chapter 14 - Suppression

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Dust POV

My body heaved with uncontrollable sobbing. The thought that maybe Horror wouldn't wake up lingered in the back of my head, shadowing any hope I had to see his eyes open again.
I reached for his hand and grasped it tightly, intertwining my fingers with his.
"C-Cmon... I need you here with me... I can't go on alone.... I need you...." I managed to say through sobs.
"D.......ust?" A soft, quiet voice sounded near me. Realisation hit me and I looked in suprise at Horror. His eyes were half open, his fingers now squeezing mine. He smiled softly. "I..... wouldn't leave you..... Dust..... I'm gonna be here for you...... Always...."
I threw my arms around Horror, tears streaming down my face heavier than ever.
"I-I-I'm sorry," I uttered.
"Don't be." He replied simply. "Because I love you, too."
"I love you, too," He repeated.
"Y-You heard that?!"
"Yeah. I did," He laughed. "It was sweet but cheesy. Who are you, and what have you done with the real Dust?"
I laughed. "It's true, though."
"I don't have a speech prepared that's nearly as good as yours, but I hope you still know I love you. Now, you were saying about Killer?"
I explained half-heartedly, guilt clear in my voice. He looked at me sympatheticly.
"That's a mess,"
"I know," I sighed.
"I have an idea,"
"Talk to Nightmare,"
I snorted. "He's probably furious at me."
"He'll want to fix this as much as you do,"
"Trust me," Horror insisted. I sighed.
"Okay, Horror. I trust you,"

Nightmare POV

"Killer, please talk to me," I murmured hopelessly. My lover still looked at the floor blankly. I sighed wearily, picking Killer up in my tentacles and laying him on the bed, flopping down beside him. He looked at the wall now. I sighed again exasperatedly. My phone buzzed and I murmured a 'back in a sec' to my boyfriend, before walking out of the room. I pressed accept, and put the phone to my ear. It crossed my mind I probably should've looked at the Caller ID, because I now had no idea who I was talking to.
"Mhmmm?" I muttered wearily.
"Hey.... It's Dust....."
"Why are you calling...?" I asked, aggression hinting in my voice.
"I want to fix this.... How is he?"
"Why would you want to know how he is when you're the one who did this?"
"Horror woke up,"
Relief washed over me, but I didn't let it show.
"Just thought you'd like to know."
I rolled my eyes.
"Fine. I'll help you with Killer. He's... Emotionless."
"Look, Killer's my best friend. I've known him for years. He was like that when I met him. Cold, unfeeling... But trust me. Stay with him. Don't lose hope. Stay determined, and soon you'll see his smile again."
I smiled. "Thanks, Dust."
"No prob." He hung up. I sighed. It was gonna be a loooooong week.

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