Got raped by the hottest boy in school.... Oh did I mention he's a vampire!!

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I got up from my bed and looked out the window. Today was going to be another long day, with my father drunk all the time and with me being the most hated girl in school. Great, just great. I looked at the alarm clock... HOLY SHIT!!! I'm late for school! Must be my alarm clock broken, it was suppose to ring at 7:00! I quickly got dressed and brushed my teeth. My dad didn't even wake up yet. (as usual) I went down the stairs and got out of the door not even bothering to get breakfast. I don't even like to go to school with everybody ignoring me but its better than being alone at home with my dad.

When I got to school, I did my usual routine and went to my math class. It was a very boring session and when it was lunch time, I walked down the hall that had not much people walking and something pulled my hand and I was pushed against the wall. WHAT THE FUCK! It was the hottest guy in school, Jason.

"I was waiting for you for a long time." He said in a very sexy voice and a small grin. I was like about to faint because no one in my whole life at school would touch me or even talk to me. They would usually ignore me.

"What the fuck?! Let go! What are you doing??!! " I yelled.

"shh... they'll hear us. Jason said in a calm voice.

"I want them to hear us! And what are you doing?!" I yelled again. He just grinned and was it just me or did I just see two FANGS showing while he smiled!! I've read vampire books but not in REAL LIFE!! I just stared at his fangs and I was dumbfounded.

He laughed and in a husky voice he said, "I'll see you later, babe." And then he winked at me! OK, now this is really confusing. I started to think back what had just happened when the bell rang.

When I got home, I saw Jason on the couch watching TV! He actually looked kind of sexy and irresistible sitting there. Then, he turned around and saw me standing there,staring at him. I completely blushed head to toe.

"what are you doing here? I think you got the wrong house." I said.

" Oh. I asked your dad if I can stay here for a while because my parents went to Hawaii for their anniversary." And for some weird reason, he grinned at me and said, "Were going to have so much fun."


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