Chapter 6

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Beta Carl and his mate Julie in picture

Kyle's pov

  "But now, I would say it's about time you make good on your promise of food and a shower," I say to the handsome Alpha, and I can't help but give him a small smile. The smile he gives me in return is enough to leave me a little breathless. 

He moves to open the door with a small "after you" and I almost walk straight into the arms of a young woman waiting in the hall with a big smile on her face. She is quite pretty, with dark hair, a very friendly, open smile, and her body a little on the plump side.  By her scent I can tell she is human. The beta, I think his name is Carl, walks up to her and pulls her to his side with a look of pure adoration on his face, and with the proud and loving smile she gives him there is no mistaking the fact that these two are mates. 

"Hi there, my name is Julie, and I'm this guys mate" she says tilting her head towards the Beta. "I just had to come and welcome the new addition to our family. It's a great honor to meet you Luna" she says, slightly bowing her head in my direction. 

I can feel my face get hot and know I'm blushing at her words, it's not a title I'm very comfortable with, "please, just call me Kyle, the whole Luna thing is a little much" I tell her. I can almost feel the Alphas hurt at my words, but what does he expect? I'm not a wolf, I'm a tiger, and this mate thing is just not in my nature. And to top it off I'm a Luna, someone who is supposed to lead the pack beside the Alpha. It's one heck of a responsibility, and I'm not sure I have what it takes to do that job.

I can tell that he is trying to smooth things over and hide his hurt when he clears his throat and turns to me and Leila, " Follow me,  let me take you to your rooms, of course you Kyle, will be sharing the Alpha suite with me. And you Leila, will get a room close to us, just one floor down. After you have eaten, showered and gotten some rest I will give you the grand tour." With that he guides us past closed doors to the stairs taking us up two floors. I have to say I'm not altogether happy about being separated from Leila, and sharing a room with a stranger seems a little much. But at this point I'm too hungry, dirty and tired to argue. And the same is obviously true for Leila cause when he stops by a door and tells her this will be her room she just gives me a tired look and shrugs her shoulders and walk into the room.  "There are clothes on the bed for you, food will be delivered shortly and there are towels in your bathroom, if you need anything just call out, someone will come," Alpha Anders tells her and closes the door. 

He turns to me and places his hand on the small of my back guiding me back to the stairs, the tingles the physical contact gives me is really pleasant. At the top of the stairs there are three doors with keypads next to them, he goes up to the one in the middle and punches in a code and the door unlocks with a beep. He opens the door and almost shoves me inside a big apartment.

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