Chapter 010: Pink converse

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    The dust settled in the Upside down. Everything was oddly quiet and still. In the middle of the black charred circle, laid a body. The body of a 12 year old girl. She had the numbers 013 tattooed on her wrist. Blood coming out of her nose. The struggle was over, Will was alive, he was back in the real world....

One month later...

    Brynn sat up and coughed, remembering every moment of what happened. Every detail filling her mind up to the rim. She stood up, eager to find a way out of this place and back home, back to Will. She walked back to Castle Byers, going inside and sitting on the blanket. She closed her eyes and concentrated on Will, then she saw him, Sitting at his kitchen table, drawing something. Brynn concentrated harder, and she was in the house, like she had been millions of times. She walked over to the table and glanced at the paper that Will was drawing on. It was a perfectly executed picture of herself. She smiled at the picture, then Will looked at her. She jumped back in fear, thinking he could see her, but he just went back to coloring. She walked into his room, marveling at all of the pictures, but one caught her eye.

"Will the Wise..." She read off of the paper. It was a picture of a sorcerer and a magic ball. She tried to touch it, but her hand went straight through the wall. She tapped out of the real world and started looking for a way out.

In the real world...

    "Whatcha drawing sweetie?"Joyce asked Will as She was making dinner for the small household of three.

"Thirteen." He responded simply. A cold draft of air hit him and he looked up, thinking someone had walked past him, but saw nothing.

"Mom?" He asked.


"Are you sure Thirteen is dead?"

"You heard what Hopper said, Sweetie. With the size of that explosion and the shockwave... Nothing survived. She was standing right at the heart of it, after all." Joyce said.

"Maybe she made the shockwave."

"Honey Hopper knows about this stuff, he's a cop." Joyce said. "I'm sorry."

    Will just kept glumly coloring, making sure every detail was perfect.
In the Upside Down...

    Brynn had been walking for hours, it was night time in the real world. She was desperately searching for a way out, but she had no such luck. The cold was starting to get to her, she couldn't go for much longer without getting frostbite or Hypothermia. She slowed down a good amount, and was about to give up, until she saw an eerie red glow. She walked toward it and saw a gooey mess. It looked almost alive, it was moving like it had a heartbeat. She went to it and stuck her arm through, then proceeded to crawl. She made it to the other side, covered in goo, but she was HOME. She ran through the woods and into the small town her and Will had explored in the Upside Down. It had tons of people and was a lot more lively in the real world. She ran down into the town, not caring that she looked like a homeless girl in a hospital gown. She went into a clothing store for kids and started looking around.

"Excuse me?" A voice from behind her said. She turned around and saw a woman. "Do you know where your Mom is?"

Brynn didn't answer her. She just kept looking at the clothes. The woman put her hand on Brynn's shoulder. Brynn looked up at her and she flew backwards into a shelf. Brynn took some clothes and ran, through the back of the store and out, locking the doors behind her. She ran into an abandoned shop and changed, then used a rubber band she had found on the ground to put her hair up into a ponytail, something she had been taught before taken away to the facility. She slid on some pink converse she grabbed and started walking through the town some more. There were several police cars and an ambulance at the clothing store she had just been in.

She saw a restaurant and went to the back, and snuck into the kitchen. She took a plate that they had ready for one of the customers and hid in a closet while eating it. Right as the ate her last French fry the door swung open, revealing a big, tall man. She used her powers to make the plate hurl itself into the mans head, knocking him out. She got up and left the town, heading back home, toward Hawkins.

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