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 Chapter One

Mererid walked beside the wolf as she shifted in the snow. The forest trees were naked of any life as they swayed with the wintry chill of the wind that crawled Mererid's porcelain skin. The creak of bark added to the growing fear of what lied in the forest. Her teeth chattered from the cold that would sometimes sneak into her; she often wondered if her god was laughing at her with an arrow of death pointed to her heart. She forced herself to walk further as she thought of home. The thought of home seemed peaceful and calming. The woods always had a serenity that balanced with the darkness that nobody could see. Her wolf, Emrys, looked at her with his yellow eyes. He had helped her walk as she limped on her one leg. She felt the wetness of the blood on her right thigh as she shivered. She had been in an occurrence with another wolf, and the thing that bothered Mererid the most, was that it was not afraid of her; it had attacked her. The pain stung in her thigh with every move. She took the deepest breath as the pain lurched up her muscles as she slipped on a large boulder of limestone covered in snow and moss. She managed to save her fall, but she still gasped in the pain as she slid down slowly holding her leg. The blistering pain throbbed like it had its heartbeat in her leg. She massaged the muscles in her legs to awaken them from the sting pain. A strangled whimper came out of her throat as she rested her head backward. It was a real agonizing pain. 

She suddenly thought of her sister, Yelena. Yelena had always been kind to everyone. She would sing, read, and on the Winter's Night – the first day of Winter – she would make elaborate ice sculptures that she placed in the royal garden; Mererid knew those were the days where Yelena was the happiest. Yelena would miss her. She would be waiting for her. Mererid just imagined reuniting with her sister. She had softly rounded features built on her heart-shaped face. Full lips and large azure eyes. She had long glossy white hair always tucked in a braid. She had three sisters and three brothers. Seven other siblings that she just couldn't wait to see. All blessed with moon-white hair. Plus, they all had watery blue eyes. Cledwyn, Eryi, Moro, Yelena, Eifion, Offyd, and Cylene. Moro didn't have blue eyes though. They were a red. The color of blood.

Mererid and Moro had never gotten along. They had always been distant and fought often. Mererid had often thought that Moro had hated her. Mererid had seen the difference between them through the years, but Moro had said that she wanted to get away from her family; she had only told Mererid that. Moro disappeared after that night. A trail of blood on the ground that led to the forest. Mererid brought out the note that Moro had given her. I wonder where you are Moro? Why did you have to leave? Emrys's suddenly woke her from her thoughts. She turned her gaze towards him, and he leaped onto the stone; Emrys slid down the rock, and his giant body bumped into her legs. She let out a stifled yelp as she smiled at him. She shoved the note back into her pocket.

"Get up, Emrys," she coughed hoarsely. 

Emrys was an Amorak Wolf. His coat was black with an undercoat of gray and silver hairs. His green eyes resembled those of a demon that would roam through the forest at night. She looked at him as she eyed the bite marks the wolf had made of her. She had scratch marks all over her skin, but she had managed to stop them from bleeding. She held onto the hilt of her sword as she looked at Emrys one more time before he flopped down on the ground. Mererid started a fire once the sun dusked, and she laid comfortably beside Emrys. She finally reached sleep.

Mererid woke up in a new environment. The house had a tidy and homely feel as she stood up. A sudden pain went through her leg as she stood up. She looked around as her vision started to clear up. A man walked into the building. Mererid stumbled backward as she raised her hands up to fight. Where am I? A stabbing pain went through her leg, and she moved down as hands grabbed her forearms to help her stand better. Her vision started to clear. The man had golden blonde hair and a sharp jaw. He had somewhat of a beard. She was set down on a bed, and he got back up. 

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