Pregnant G.D & E.D

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I wake up to an empty bed and I had to go pee which I had to find Grayson tbh he's over protective when it comes to us by us I mean me and the baby which has been kicking the fuck out of me and Grayson want let me eat Hawaii pizza anymore only health foods which sucks and Ethan helps me eat Hawaii 🍕 but one day Grayson came home and caught me eating that pizza he freaked out so bad he yelled and said seven  you are GETTING ON MY NERVOUS WHY DON'T YOU LISTEN TO DADDY then I started to cry and he said baby I'm soo... Sorry then I ran to are room and lock the door also called Ethan and told him conversation me and gray had he ask me did I want to go to his house I said and yes please hurry he said ohk.

(Ethan POV)
Seven called me crying about what my dick of a brother did to her but he loves her and she loves him they are both sweet but gray act's like her dad now he won't let her eat pizza or candy nothing unhealthy so I sneak her something every once in a week but Grayson is nice till she did what she did which I payed for that pizza I wish she just came over so I can eat the pizza with her.
(End of POV)

(Grayson POV)
I yelled at her she started Crying and ran away  I ran after her she shut it and locked it I knocked but no answer then I heard my front door open so I go down stairs to see its Ethan my brother and seven best friend ugh what does he want he yelled seven name and I said she crying can you come back tomorrow he said nope she's leaving with me I said no the fuck then she came down with her stuff and I said sorry and tried giving her a hug but she moved back and told Ethan to come on they both left.
(THE END)  PART 2 ??

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