Chapter Fifteen: Bad Reputation Part One

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A/N: I do not own anything besides Amelia St. James  and any other original character which includes her parents, aunt, and uncle. 

When school was back on Monday, I was ready for it. I was just waiting for Jesse so we could leave. We were picking up Rachel today because her dads were away. When Jesse was finally ready then we left. I was sitting up front until we pulled into Rachel's driveway, then I got out and went to the backseat. "Amelia, you didn't have to move," Rachel said. "I know, but I wanted to," I told her. "Thank you," "You're welcome," I told her.

We were gonna meet with some of the glee kids in the choir room before school starts. I quickly went to my locker, Jesse and Rachel went to theirs. We meet up near the choir room, then entered together. We found everybody laughing at something on being played on a laptop. "What's so funny?" Finn asked as he entered through the other door. "You aren't watching the video of me falling off the stage at my first Tiny Tots beauty pageant?" Rachel asked. "I've got to see that video now," I commented. "That was Carrot-Top funny compared to this comedic tour de force," Kurt said, while we all took a seat behind them. "That's Olivia Newton-John's Physical. It was pretty groundbreaking subject matter at the time considering its depiction of fluid sexuality," Jesse explained. "Oh wow, Jesse, you know big words," I joked. He shoved me lightly. Then Mercedes laughs, "Oh my G" "wait, wait. That's not Olivia Newton-John. That's Sue Sylvester," Finn stated. I suddenly joined them to look at what my cheerleading coach is doing. Once I saw it I could not stop laughing.

"Where did you get this?" Finn asked. "I can tell you that I certainly did not steal it from her locked file cabinet yesterday when she sent me back to her office to get her hormone replacement injection during Cheerios practice," Kurt said. "That's where you went?" I asked dumbly. "Wait did she just do the Cabbage Patch?" Artie asked. "I'm posting this on Youtube" Finn stated. "No, no, wait, wait. Do you think that's a good idea? She might kill us," Rachel stated. "Oh let her get a taste of some of the humiliation she put us through," Mercedes said. "I'm with Finn. You guys need to stop being such asses and start being badasses," Jesse stated. Finn gave Jesse a look approval and then grabbed the laptop from the stool in front of all of us.

"Ten bucks it goes viral by lunch," Finn announced. With that he posted the video, we all then left to go to class. I was waiting anxiously to see what would happen with the video. When lunch came around, we were all called into the choir room by Mr. Schue. He went off on us about this glist thing. I wasn't really listening until he started raising his voice. "This is serious. Principal Figgins is threatening to disband the club," Mr. Schue stated. "Why are we playing this game? We all know it was Puck," Santana stated. "Back off. I didn't do squat," Puck stated. "Then why is your girlfriend first on the Glist?" Tina asked. "And why I am last? Aside from the fact that I refused to put out for you," Rachel asked. "Okay, enough! No one is accusing anyone of anything." Mr. Schue spoke. Then he turned to Puck. "Puck seriously did you do it?" He asked. "I said no. I'm a delinquent, sure. I like setting stuff on fire and beating up people I don't know. I own that, but I'm not a liar," He states.

"Alright, here's the important point. Between this and posting Coach Sylvester's personal video on Youtube, you guys are getting a pretty bad reputation," Mr. Schue announces. "Why is that a bad thing?" Artie asks. "Maybe if we seem more dangerous, people would stop flushing my glasses down the toilet," Artie finishes. "Look, things are hard right now, I get it. You're under a lot of pressure with Regionals coming up. I know that winning Sectionals hasn't had the positive effect on your popularity that a lot of you thought it would, but becoming what you despise is not the answer," Mr. Schue says while passing out sheet music. "Man this song is wack," Mercedes stated. "No, it's not," Mr. Schue backfires. "It's a terrific song on a long list of top hits that because of time or some bad press, has become a joke. And like you guys it's time to start rehabilitating its bad reputation. The assignment for the week is for all of you to find songs like this, mine them for what works and make them great again and then hopefully, you can apply this musical lesson to your own lives," Mr. Schue finishes. "This song should be arrested for the crime of sucking," Jesse comments. Everybody started laughing at it. "You wanna bet?" Mr. Schue asks right before the band starts playing the music. "Oh no, he didn't" Artie pipes in.

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