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[between hoe keery and seph sucks]

hoe keery;
everyone wants to go out tonight
and i know ur in the middle of meeting fans out back but i wanted to ask if you actually wanted to?
going out for food that is, there's kids so obviously smh
or we could do something just us two?

seph sucks;
i'm just changing into my normal clothes now aw the fans are so lovely😭
i'm down to go for food, we won't be out late anyway so maybe we could go for a few drinks after — just us?

hoe keery;
sounds like a plan to me, baby
come meet us when you're ready, we're in the car.
actually no we're parked round the corner and it's dark so i'll head to the back now, leave round the back i don't want you walking all the way on your own

seph sucks;
you're too sweet joe aw babe
i'll be five minutes
be careful!! see you soon

hoe keery;
security have brought me inside and just asked for a picture😂😂
i'm just inside the door so yeah i'll see you in a sec!!

seph sucks;
that's so cute😭the security are lovely here
and so are harry's team aw
right i'll see u in a sec baby!! 💗

hoe keery;

sorry it's short but yeah i didn't wanna elongate it for the sake of it, i apologise it's a pile of utter shit x

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