Chapter 009: Minus one

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Meanwhile Joyce and Hopper made their way into the Upside Down and into Will's house. They looked around for a moment when Hopper found blood on the floor.

"There's blood." He said.

"Why would there be blood?" Joyce asked.

"Someone... Someone must have hurt the creature from the other side." Hopper said. There was a small echo of the word 'Mom' around the house.

"Jonathan..." Joyce whispered. "It was Jonathan."

"Well whatever he did sure drew some blood. There seems to be a trail." Said Hopper, following the blood. Hopper and Joyce followed the blood all the way to the library.

"WILL?!" Brynn yelled, walking down the lonely streets of Hawkins. She made her way up and down nearly every street, but never saw a sign of Will. She was about to have a breakdown again when she saw blood on the ground.

"Will..." She whispered. She followed the blood trail into the Hawkins central Library. The blood drops seemed to fade away, leaving her seemingly alone in the dark, cold building. She walked In between Vine-covered bookshelves until she saw a light. She slowly inched her way toward it until she saw two people walking around in huge protective suits.

"WILL?!" One of them screamed, Brynn recognized the voice, but she couldn't put her finger on it. The person ran up to a wall and pulled one of the vine creatures out of Will's mouth, then proceeded to pull him out of the wall.

"NO! STOP IT! GET AWAY FROM HIM!" Brynn screamed, running up to the people. One of them grabbed her and gripped both of her arms.

"Calm down kid." A rough male voice said.

"NO! YOU LET GO OF ME RIGHT NOW!" Brynn screamed, struggling to get out of the mans grip.

"Kid..." He said, but Brynn used her powers to rip the helmets off of both people, in hope that the toxins in the air might affect them. She expected to see big mean Scientists, ready to carry Will out and kill him, but instead she saw a terrified, fragile woman.

"You're Will's mom." Brynn said quietly. She looked up at the one holding onto her and he was a tall man, with a beard and mustache, who she'd never seen before. He let her go, causing her to fall back onto the ground. The man went to Will and started doing CPR. Joyce was talking to him and trying to talk to Will and Brynn just stood there, panicked about everything. Big people in suits from the lab, helping bring Will back to life. Brynn watched as he preformed CPR on the boy.

Memories flashed through Brynn's head like a slideshow. Remembering the first time she met Will, how he explained the entire Dungeons and Dragons game to her, just to pass the time. She remembered hugging him after they almost got ahold of his mother. She remembered holding his hands, and laughing with him... and now his life was on the line, his heart had stopped beating, and she could barely watch without having a complete meltdown.

"Please Will..." She whispered, Hopper had started beating on the boys chest, desperate to give him back to his family. She was about to panic, when Will sat up and coughed violently. Brynn started crying out of joy, covering her face with her hands. For that moment the world was perfect, until she heard the low, mechanical growl of none other than the Monster. She whipped her head around and saw the monster, standing there, ready for its meal. Hopper started shooting the monster with his Mp5.

"That wont work!" Brynn yelled. "Get Will out of here."

"We're not just gonna leave you here!" Hopper yelled over the loud banging of the bullets. "You're a child!"

"I can defend myself." She said.

"You're coming with us!" Hopper said. The gun had run out of bullets, and Hopper cursed and threw it on the ground.

"GO!" Brynn yelled. She turned to the Monster and held her hand toward it, and it started levitating.

"Holy mother of-"

"LEAVE. NOW." Brynn ordered.

"I'm not leaving you in here!" Hopper said, as several dozen demodogs crawled out of nowhere.

"Yes you are!" Brynn used her other hand to shoot Hopper, Will, and Joyce out of the library and out onto the street, near the Portal. While Hopper flew through the air, he saw a huge shockwave release from the spot where Brynn was sanding.

"C'mon Joyce." He said, helping her carry Will.

"What about the girl?!" She asked.

"She's gone..." Hopper said, as they traveled through the portal.

Later in the hospital....

Will's eyes fluttered open, revealing the chocolate brown color they truly were.

"Mom?" He asked. Joyce and Jonathan filled with excitement and they all started talking.

"Thirteen..." Will muttered.


"Thirteen... where's Thirteen?" He asked.

"Who's Thirteen?"

"Brynn... The girl that was in that place with me. Where is she?"

"What did she do to you?! Did she hurt you?!" Joyce asked.

"No... She protected me, Now WHERE IS SHE?"

"Sweetie... She didn't make it. She saved us though. She saved you."

"You're lying." He said, his eyes welling up with tears. "I don't believe you. She's stronger than that... Thing, she can't be dead!"

"I'm sorry." Joyce said. Silent tears ran down Will's face as Joyce gave him a hug. "I'm so sorry."

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