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( chapter nine - standing my ground )


in attempt to chase dart, all of the boys toppled over onto max. max groaned as she fell back, immediately getting back up with the help of macy.

"where'd he go?" lucas spun in circles in seek of dart.

"what was that?!" max looked at the floor, and then back up at the boys.

"dart!" macy said, looking down every hall for the crawler.

mike pointed at the two girls, "you both let him escape! with your stupid desperation to get inside and join our group."

macy kept her anger in towards mike's blame. she stood behind max, watching the scene in front of them. the boys were frantic. will was standing behind macy like max was, not wanting to find dart as much as the boys wanted to.

dustin pushed mike forcefully backwards, his back hitting the wall, "why did you attack him?"

"come on," mike pushed dustin by the chest aside, running towards dart's direction.

as mike ran after dart with max and lucas, macy stood still next to will. she didn't want to look for this creature, but she had to. who knew what the shithead creature could do to them. to anyone.

"don't hurt him! don't you hurt him!" dustin called out to the half of the group that was running to find dart. he pointed out to them.


eleven had escaped. she ran away from the home she stayed in with hopper. she wanted to find mike. she missed him a lot. the girl doesn't know how she managed to survive without him for almost a year, but she's strong.

her hair had grown a lot. the leaves beneath her crunched with every step she took, the fall season rolling into the town. she hasn't been outside since she arrived at the house to stay with hopper.

she was getting herself in danger.

after eleven's incident, bumping into a mother and a daughter at the park, she arrived at hawkins middle school. her eyes watched the scenery in front of her.

the school was quite empty, now that the school day has ended. one memory of mike kept her hoping she'd see him soon. his bike.

she recognized the same bike she rode on behind mike, holding him tight around his waist as he pedaled away. the chase from the bad men.

her hands came in contact with the cold metal handle bars. her eyes began to tear up at the thought of mike. she let go. she decided to search for mike inside.


"east is clear. no sign of dart." mike's voice casted through will's walky talky. macy looked back and forth on the tiled floors, in search of the little bastard that had run off.

will was on the opposite end of the hallway that macy and him were teamed up to search. even though they were merely far away, she could still hear the static of the device.

macy trudged her way towards will, "west is clear too. will? macy?" dustin questions through the walky.

macy glanced the spaces around her and will once more, "south is clear."

will closed the door of a classroom nearby, making sure no one and dart was there. "yeah, south is clear." will restated, "lucas? anything?"

will and macy waited for a moment for lucas' response. they stared at each other for a moment before macy grinned, breaking eye contact. will still looked up at the blue-eyed girl, admiring the freckles dotted on her pale face.

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