Part 53 - The council of six

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The next day -------

Rick had been looking after the food and the animals well, he would always go out first thing in the morning and make sure everything was ok. This morning was nothing different, I walked out of the cell block and into the courtyard, I scanned the area and unsurprisingly saw Rick down by the animals, Carl was with him. I proceeded to walk down and see him, taking a quick peek at the pigs, they were growing on me, I can't believe were going to eat them soon. Once I reached the pen, Rick saw me and began to walk towards me, I noticed on of the pigs hadn't really moved since yesterday morning.

"What's up with Violet?" I asked pointing towards one of the pigs, Carl stood beside me. "Violet? Who called her that?" Rick asked quickly, staring at me and Carl. "Carl did... I didn't think it was a big deal" I replied placing my hand on Carl's head. Rick shook his head "Carl, I told you not to name them. They're not piglets anymore...They're food." He responded to my statement, letting out a huff as he did. "I don't know what's going on with her... Could be sick, could be nothing." Rick paused again, Carl continued "Feel better, Violet." He said with a saddened look upon his face. "Come on, let's get to it." I said giving Carl a soft tug on his collar.

We trudged up to the courtyard, where everyone was gathering to have their breakfast. "Smells good Daryl" I said, inhaling the sweet intoxicating scent of smoked deer Daryl was able to make for us. Rick and I sat down and began tucking in, Carl between us, it weird to even believe how grown up he is now, and Judith is just about crawling now.


We had finished breakfast and it was time to clear the walkers off the fence, they had accumulated against one side of the fence. I had gone down with Carol, Tyreese and Carl. Tyreese was one of the members of Woodbury, he seemed nice and he sure knew a thing or Twp about keeping himself alive, so he was good to have here. We had been clearing the walkers off for more than an hour when Carl stabbed a walker in the head which practically exploded covering him in blood.

"Come on Carl let's get you cleaned up" I said taking him to the showers to get some water, we reached the courtyard, but he stopped "Stop it! You're not my mum, so stop trying to replace her!" he snapped, his glace narrowing. I put my arms up in defense and slowly backed away "Carl, I'm not trying to replace or fill your mums shoes... Carl me and you... were friends, I could never replace her, I'm just trying to look out for you" I said calmly, keeping eye contact with him, he looked away as though he began to feel guilty "I understand Carl, believe me" I said again, he nodded as I did so, he followed me in to the shower block. I loved Carl like a little brother, not a son, and I could never replace Lori, yes she could be bitchy at times but she was still his mother.


A lot of things had changed at the prison, Rick wasn't the only one in charge now, we all decided that there should be a council of six people so it would take the weight off of one person, it was a lot of pressure. The council co sister of Rick, Hershel, Daryl, Sasha, who was a resident from Woodbury, Glenn and Myself. If we were faced with a situation, we would go and sit down and discuss what are options were. We had sat down for council to talk about the pigs, Violet still hadn't moved and she was beginning to worry us.

"I think we need to farm them as soon as possible, they don't look like they got long left" Hershel stated, with him being the vet, I trusted his judgement. "What if they are already infected?" Glenn chimed in, causing everyone to look at him. "Animals can't get infected can they?" I questioned causing everyone's glances to shift yet again and land on Hershel. "Well I'm not sure, but we can't wait around all day to find out" Hershel replied. "If they're already infected and we eat them... it won't end well" Sasha said, becoming g part of the discussion. "It won't come to that... I don't think we can eat them, more of them are slowing down each day" Rick began, my eyes moved from Sasha and landed on Rick. "Well what do we do with them if we can't eat them?" Glenn asked with a confused expression creeping across his face. "I think I know how we could use them... its not pretty, but it'll help..." Rick continued "The walkers are building up around the fence..."

I knew exactly what he wanted to do, I glanced around at everyone's vacant expression s, they all knew what he was saying too. After a while of discussing what we were going to do with the pigs. We all left the council room, I was second to last to leave, Rick was still inside so I decides to wait for him, before we got into bed. I stood out in the bleak and dimly hall way for him, the silence was so thick you could cut it with a knife. The silence was broken by coughing, a lot of coughing, an unnatural amount of coughing. The sound grew louder and louder, until it was right I front of me, I squinted my eyes to see who it was. "Patrick?" I asked, still squinting my eyes. Patrick was a nerd type boy, he would always read comic books with Carl whenever anyone found one on a run, or sit for hours, playing with the small bucket of Lego I had once found. He was quite tall with short dark brown hair that he would push back with his fingers when it occasionally flipped over his glasses. "Patrick?" I asked again, the coughing momentarily subsided "Yes, Jess?" he replied, coughing his guts out again. "Patrick are you okay? Do you want me to take you to the doc?" I asked, causing him to put his hands up in defense, "No, no, that won't be necessary Jess... I just got a fever or something" he expressed. Patrick's eyes were all sunken in against his greyish complexion, I don't think his glasses were of any used to him as his eyes came over all glossy and his T-shirt was riddled with beads of sweat. I pulled his left arm towards me and began to inspect it, when I was done with that one, I did the same with him other arm. "W-what are you doing?" he asked trying to keep himself from coughing all over me. "I'm checking for bites and scratches... just to be safe... but you're all clean" I looked up at him and smiled. He nodded and began walking off in the direction he was originally heading to

Patrick looked like hell he was coughing "I'm just gonna go to the shower... and get some... water" he paused between coughs as he disappeared into the darkness.

"You okay babe?" Rick asked as his arms snakes their way around my body and hugged me tight. "...Yeah... I just had a very brief chat with Patrick... I think he has a fever" I responded, staring in to the darkness. "I'm... sure... he'll be... okay" he said between planting little kisses upon my neck. I leant head back onto his shoulder and sighed. "Maybe I should make sure he gets back in to bed..." I stated, Rick lifted his head up. "Look, if he's just coughing and he hasn't been bitten, or scratched, then he must just have a fever... if you want I'll go and check on him" he said making me feel much better about leaving Patrick to it. I just nodded, "Ok well go get ready for bed and I'll be there asap" he replied pecking my lips. I walked back to Ricks cell and stripped down into a vest top and shorts, I laid down and felt my eyes grow heavier and heavier by the second, I felt Ricks arms wrap around me just before I fell asleep "He's alright, nothing to worry about.... Goodnight my angel, sweet dreams" he said and he kissed the top of my head as I fell into a deep dreamless sleep.

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