Chapter 10

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Rachel POV

After school was finished I texted Finn to say I was in the parking lot, he offered to take me to his place after school so here we are.

I've been waiting here for 20 minutes and he's still not came out of the school, fuck this shit. I decide to straight to his apartment instead.

I knock.

No answer, his car was parked at the lot outside his apartment, I saw it when  I got there l. If your wondering I got a taxi to Finns.

What the fuck?

I knock again

Still no answer, he's definitely in because he never goes anywhere without his car.

Fuck it, I turn the knob and quietly walk into Finns living room, I heard a noise from his bedroom. I quietly walked over to his door.

I heard another sound but this time it was a woman. A groan infact. What the fuck?

My curiosity got the better of me and I frantically opened the door to find Finn naked and a woman with his manhood in her mouth, I nearly puked right here and now

It took finn a moment to realise that someone just walked in on this, he looked and immediately covered himself and the woman

I couldn't see who it was because I was just looking at him with utter bitterness and regret.

"Rachel" he said after he put on his pants

I was already out there of there, this was too much, I knew this was a bad idea. Thinking that this relationship could work with a fucking teacher.

I tried opening the front door but Finn slammed his hand on it to stop me from opening it

He looked me right in the eye, I can't believe this.

"Rachel, I can explain" he started, but then the woman walked out of his room with one of his t shirts on. I clenched my teeth together so hard to stop me from punching the shit outta her.

But then she became more clear as I looked at her

"Mum?" I barely choked out

She squinted her eyes at me and then gasped


This isn't happening, did my mum literally just give my teacher a blow job?! How dare she!

"Rachel, this wasn't supposed to happen, I can explain" finn says not taking his hand away from the door.

"You slept with my mother?! What is this is all just supposed to be happy family's?! What's dad saying about this?!" I literally scream at the top of my lungs

"Your father has been cheating on me for years Rachel" my mother says in a disgusted tone

"And Your any better than him?! You slept with my teacher mum!" I scream yet again

"Rachel, you were fucking about with him aswell, that's wrong and you knew it" She says looking at me bitterly

I've never seen this side to her before

I'm lost for words right now, I'm surprised finn hasn't said anything

"And what about you huh?" I say to finn

He was looking down in shame and so he should

"What about me?" He says

"Did you know she was my mother?" I ask but I already knew the shitty excuse he would come up with

"Yes" he replies simply

"Your a bastard, I never want to see any of you again" I say bitterly to them both

"Where will you go? Your a worthless piece of trash, I wish I never signed those papers" my mother says

"What papers?" I ask

"Never mind" she says changing the subject

I'm literally fuming, I'm not settling this

"WHAT FUCKING PAPERS?!" I shout at the top of my lungs, probably burning my insides

"Your adopted" she finally replied

What the hell did she just say?

"What?" I ask

"Your adopted Rachel, I wish I never signed those papers for you. Your nothing but a worthless piece of shit" She grunts

I can't take it

I push finn out of the way and punch her in the face making her bleed like crazy

"You bitch" I say kicking her right in the face making her bleed even more

Finn pulled me away from her but I squirmed away from his grip

"As for you, I don't want to see you again. You cheating bastard!" I say facing him

He looked at me sincerely, like a lost puppy looking for an owner but I have no sympathy for him

"I'm sorry Rachel" he chokes out

"Fuck You, I hope you and that cow  have a happy life together. Goodbye Finn" i say before leaving him standing there

As soon as I get out I start crying hysterically, wow I'm adopted. I have only one place to go and that is my aunties, it's only a 30 minute drive

I call a cab and wait outside for it

Fuck Finn and her, I don't need either of them

Sorry for this guys! I'm so sorry I haven't been updating to my regular schedule, honestly I'm not a reliable author. I'll try my hardest it's jut that depression and other shit is hard. I hope you understand. I'll try and update soon. Love be you all x 💕❤️💖💝❣️

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