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Slumping down in my chair, I look for the clock. The time is 11:15. My tired eyes roll back to the front of the class where the teacher stands, in frustration. Another 45 minutes left. The lesson seems to be the longest I've ever been in, and I'm quickly losing my patience. My leg bounces up and down and I crack my knuckles. I hate having to sit down for so long at a time; I get all fidgety after a while. As I try my hardest to pay attention to the teacher, I suddenly feel a hand clamping down on my leg. I look towards the hand, and slowly drag my eyes up to the where the arm leads to, and I see my partner in this class, María looking at me with her eyebrow raised.

"You do realise how annoying that is, right?". I roll my eyes at her and I'm about to respond, when she suddenly gasps so loudly that I jump back from her. I stare at her with wide eyes and she stared back at me with the same facial expression.

"What the hell was that? What's wrong?", I demanded when she was stuck in the same position without having said a word yet. She looks back at me, slightly more relaxed now, and her shoulders drop.

"Nothing, nothing. It's just..... do you ever feel like there's a spider crawling up your pants, but then realise it's just you're hairy legs?".

I blink. I blink again. Then I suddenly throw my head back and burst out laughing. It must've been pretty loud because a few people turn around with curious looks, but then go back to their work when they realise it's nothing interesting. I'm laughing so hard now that my stomach hurts and no sound is coming out of my mouth. When I finally calm down enough to actually speak, I see Maria staring at me with an unamused face. I sober up, and send her a cheeky smile. "You're so dumb that it's actually funny," I finally say to her. She rolls her eyes and looks back towards the front while I try to catch my breath. When I'm calm, I look down at the worksheet handed to me and groan. Seriously. Longest lesson ever.


Just as my eyes were about to shut for the hundredth time, the shrill sound of the bell finally rang. I dart out of my seat and was out of the classroom before anyone even had the chance to pack their things. That lesson was such a bore and I don't think I would've survived another second in there. Walking towards my locker, I find Yasmin and Maya waiting for me there. I smile at them and start putting my books away, after which we began making our way towards the cafeteria for lunch. My ears were instantly filled with the sound of chatter when we walked into the cafeteria. I walked to the lunch line while the others made their way to our usual table. As I waited, I absentmindedly looked around and found my eyes falling on the table at the back which usually held the bad boys, including Miguel Donafrio. Today, however, they weren't there. It wasn't a surprise though, as it's a normal occurrence for them to be missing school. They usually came back during lunch anyway just so they could eat. I know this because I once overheard Sean saying that the only reason he actually came to school was "for cheap cafeteria food and young women needed to be respected." I remember it making me smile due to his sweet words, and cause Maya to swoon and fall just a little bit harder for him. It seemed that had a lot in common: love for cheap food and respecting women. They'd make a wonderful couple.

When it was finally my time to order my food, I asked for the (quite bland) pasta they were serving. Nothing else really seemed very appealing, however I was starving and didn't bring any food along with me, so I just had to make do. As I walked back to my table, I walked past the table full of jocks and cheerleaders. Cliche, I know, but they tended to stick together. Despite this though, they weren't all stereotypical high school popular kids, they just got along better with each other than others, hence why they stayed together. Some of them were actually quite nice, like the boy who I had just happened to lock gazes with, Caden Millers. Being the quarterback of the football team, he was quite buff as well as subtly attractive. He had more of a cute look to his face due to his softer features and kind eyes. I watched him lift his hand to run it through his messy blond hair, and discreetly let my green eyes fall to his big arms. Impressive. Quickly, before anyone could notice, I flicked my eyes back up to his two different coloured eyes, one being blue and the other, brown. I vaguely recall him once revealing to me while we worked on a science practical together, that he was secretly quite insecure about his eyes, as he thought they looked strange, but I reassured him that they weren't weird looking. I didn't tell him, however, that I thought they were rather captivating, and that I had never seen anything like it before. Not wanting to feed his ego, I kept that thought to myself, even though he wasn't very egotistical as much as I could tell; it was still the safer option.

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